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DXMP_Snow_v2 is an updated version of the DXMP_Snow map that I created previously. I felt the map needed updating as I wasn’t happy with some elements here and there, below I have listed the changes when compared to the earlier DXMP_Snow version as well as a download link.

  • General lighting has been altered – Darker hues of blue and more saturated colours, have taken out the whiter shades of lighting throughout the map.
  • Changed the white glass “snow” texture throughout the map’s floor surface to a bluer varient.
  • Replaced eight sided “manholes” with sixteen sided ones.
  • Opened up the middle manhole so players can have an additional route to and from the underground section.
  • Added a third biobot and a medbot in the underground section.
  • Added two wall mounted cabinets on the elevated corners of the map which contain biocell and HE 20mm.
  • Skybox has been altered, Moon re-sized, and use of light to give effect of the Moon lighting clouds.
  • Replaced custom textured unbreakable small crates with regular textured ones.
  • Moved ammocrates (near corner spawns) further away from weapon boards.
  • Replaced the three wooden planks, with four slimmer ones, added correct texture when wood is broken.
  • Moved position of several crates that are sitting ontop of other crates to give them a more natural look.

Download DXMP_Snow_v2 here

 Shot0003_zpsd0811db9 Shot0001_zps9309de7e Shot0002_zps5939ae23Shot0004_zps027177e4



DXMP_Turnpike is a Deus Ex multiplayer map which is based on the Turnpike Terror map from Urban Terror. This Deus Ex version has superior detail throughout the map and takes place at night unlike the Urban Terror counterpart.

This map has been given the full Deus Ex treatment which sets it well apart from the Urban Terror version (interactive cameras, an auto turret, a vent, vending machines, breakable glass, movable shutters and forklift!), it features four spawn points – two in the main building (one on each floor), and two outdoor spawns at opposite ends to one another.

DXMP_Turnpike is medium to large in size, and has one very large office building and a smaller building which houses the train station waiting area and ticket office. The train track can be seen overhead which runs the length of the map, trains can also be heard running. There are four main routes the player can use to get from one side of the map to the other, the main action, however, takes place inside the large office building. The map is rich in detail, in the outdoor areas expect to see car parking bays, many buildings with lights on, vehicles, signs, telephone poles with wires, fences, pedestrian crossings and trees. The insides of the buildings have also been fleshed out well to provide that feeling of a real environment. Expect to see office desks, computers, telephones, office chairs, wall lights, an elevator, a reception with waiting area, tables adorned with magazines, carpets, bins, a ticket office, gated off escalators, turnstiles, notice boards, cameras, ceiling lights and exit signs.

Download DXMP_Turnpike here


An overhead map overview of DXMP_Turnpike, this map took approximately sixty hours to build, and is one of the largest and most detailed maps I have ever constructed.

DXMP_Turnpike5 DXMP_Turnpike2 DXMP_Turnpike6 DXMP_Turnpike4 DXMP_Turnpike DXMP_Turnpike9 DXMP_Turnpike8 DXMP_Turnpike10 DXMP_Turnpike3 

Build Shots;

Shot0003-5 Shot0002-4 Shot0001-5 Shot0000-5

Shot0004-5 Shot0000-4 Shot0001-4 Shot0003-4 Shot0002-3Shot0001-3 Shot0003-3 Shot0002-2Shot0000-3 Shot0007-1 Shot0009 Shot0011Shot0005 Shot0002-1 Shot0000-2 Shot0007

Shot0001-2 Shot00022 Shot00012 Shot0003-2 Shot0004-4Shot0022 Shot0021Shot0000-1 Shot0003-1 Shot0004-3Shot0001-1 Shot0004-2 Shot0000Shot0003 Shot0004-1Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0004DXMP_Turnpike04DXMP_Turnpike03 DXMP_Turnpike01 DXMP_Turnpike02


DXMP_Zombie_Training is a fun multiplayer map for Deus Ex made by myself, it uses mdoa’s fantastic zombie mod. The map is an edited version of the 00-Training map from the Deus Ex singleplayer campaign. The edited map is actually a hybrid of the training map I edited way back in 2008 and also modified in 2012 to it’s current incarnation. The mdoa zombie mod has five types of zombies – including the “tank” zombie – a large powerful zombie that needs some serious firepower to take down, all of these zombie types can be found in DXMP_Zombie_Training.

The goal of the map is to make it from one side to the other without dying. You start off in the lobby of the building, you have just landed via helicopter and you have unloaded the cases of weapons ready for you to use. Once loaded up you will open the first door to reveal the carnage and zombie infested offices and pathways. In order to get to the end you will have to work in a team, it’s worth checking every nook and cranny of the map as you may just find something valuable to aid you on your quest to the other side of the map.

Download DXMP_Zombie_Training here


You just landed via helicopter, you’ve busted down the front door and have unloaded all your weapon cases, it’s time to lock and load!

Shot0007 Shot0016 Shot0011 Shot0006

Arena (Reloaded) Mod

Arena (Reloaded)

Release Date:  Oct 12, 2002
Developed By: HardCoreDX Developers
Contact Details: hejhujka@gmail.com
Official Site: https://sites.google.com/site/hejhujka/ … deusexmods

Shot00001_zps9cc1343e Shot0001_zps3133ad5d Shot0003_zpseb633d7d Shot0002_zps13257f32

The Arena (Reloaded) mod was made by Hardcore DX Developers, and released in October of 2002. The mod is for use with multiplayer and adds bots to an online server, these bots act similar to human players and they also can use several augmentations, the mod also includes some singleplayer content. Arena (Reloaded) features several new weapons, newly modified augmentations, adds equipment shops and makes similar small but useful changes and comes with 5 multiplayer maps and 12 mutators. After the first release the mod was abandoned and the best features migrated to another Hardcore DX Developer production called Hardcore DX. So basically Arena is just a kind of alpha preview of the first versions of the Hardcore DX mod, but it’s quite stable, playable and funny and includes several features that were not included to Hardcore DX. This version is identical with the version released in 2002, but features an easier way of installation and a slightly updated documentation.

Download Arena (Reloaded) Mod here


A small map that takes place in an enclosed cavern or cave.  The map features the very experimental floor lofter tool in heavy use which shows in the “spikey” brushes that cover the floor,  sides and “ceiling” of the map. DXMP_Cavern has four spawn areas, eight weapon boards, water filled pits that contain a grenade each and a hole in the wall can be seen with daylight pouring through.


A pit filled with water, meanwhile a spawn can be seen in the background.


Download DXMP_Cavern