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DXMP_Mau5ville_v2 is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by Kalman a.k.a. deadmau5, and was released in September of 2011. This outdoor map was built mainly for use with low gravity in mind but it can also play reasonably well in the zero augs gametype. The map’s most noticeable feature is the huge mouse head in the centre!

Download DXMP_Mau5ville_v2 here

Mau5ville3 Mau5ville Mau5ville2

DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by Lurker in August of 2011. It’s a heavily edited version of the default DXMP_Smuggler map, which has been shrunken to less than half its original size. The car park section is completely missing from this version and there are some freshly added new rooms to help tie in the joins from sections of the original map which are fused together seamlessly.

Download DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms here

DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms_02 DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms_01 DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms_03

DXMP_SillyFortress is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by Snakey, in May of 2011. This map is like no other map I ever seen and feels like several maps pieced together, it’s quite something and I like to describe it as a wonderful mess. The map is very large and weighs in at nearly eight megabytes, you can see Snakey drew inspiration from other maps and some locations are suspiciously familiar.

DXMP_SillyFortress has four main areas with numerous connecting paths between them, there are thirty playerstarts and six spawn points in all.

Download DXMP_SillyFortress here

DXMP_Silly_Fortress3 DXMP_Silly_Fortress DXMP_Silly_Fortress2 Shot0001 Shot0000 Shot0002

RECON_Church is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by Indigo, in May 2011. This map features two main open sections with several adjoining connecting pathways.  The map has a gothic vibe about it, this is most apparent in the largest area of the map which has large elongated windows either side and large spikes that protrude from the ceiling.

RECON_Church has several spawn areas which are separate to the main map, you spawn in one of these rooms and select your weapons you then walk into the teleporter which will transport you to an area of the main map ready to fight others.


Download RECON_Church here

DXMP_ALTFIGHTER is a fight map made by 666, in February 2011, that is primarily designed to work in low gravity servers. This map features a large circular structure which has two floors that run the perimeter of the structure. The large open central area can be accessed at various points throughout both floors. Being out in the open makes the player vulnerable to fire and it’s best to stick to the perimeter walkways as much as possible.