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Welcome to the June edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. The Deus Ex news this month sees no news at all for the Deus Ex: Revision, which still has no new release date, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod returns from the dead, Hatchet Mod goes full steam ahead and the Gamespy servers closure is delayed.


 Gamespy closure now taking place some time in June!


The closure of the Gamespy  masterserver which will bring about the end to many classic (and not so classic) multiplayer games, including our beloved Deus Ex, has been delayed from 31st May to some time in June (possibly the end of the month). The community however refuse to call it a day and have come up with a number of “fixes” which allow the player to continue playing in online servers, expect to see these in next month’s newsletter.


No Deus Ex: Revision updates this month!


The long awaited release for Deus Ex: Revision continues this month with no updates whatsoever. The last firm release we had was from two months back slating a date of  May 12, 2014. This release date was since canned last month for a potential summer or fall release. For the first time in a long time, there are zero updates on the mod this month, and so speculation continues on the state of affairs at Caustic Creative. Expect some news next month after this lengthy silence!


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod lives on

This month sees the return of Lurker’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod after about a year of inactivity. We have just the one screenshot to show off this month, which shows the front of the Stalker Shop. This early shot teases the Stalker Shop which is said to work like bars in the original Stalker games. There is said to be a barman or shopkeeper inside, and the player will be able to talk to the shopkeeper, trade weapons, items and goods. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another year for the next update!




Prototype releases his custom consumables for testing

Protoype has publicly released a number of his consumable items for testing purposes, these items are all drinks which include many brand names and also Egypt and Hellsing Soda.  Check out the download lnk below, which comes complete with a readme file.






My Latest Work

This month I have updated two remake maps, DXMP_Iceworld_Remake and DXMP_Dust_Remake, screenshots below. I expect to release these maps, along with a couple others over the next few months.

Shot0003 Shot0004Shot0001Shot0000Shot0002



Hatchet mod development speeds up


Hatchet sees lots of updates this month as development once again goes into warp drive. Updates include refining the gore system, fully modeled 12 Gauge Burst Fire Shotgun and .50 Doubled Sniper as well as many other tweaks and updates. The latest screenshots and videos below.

Heavy Weapons Demonstration – Mod DB

Twelve Gauge Burst Demonstration – Mod DB

DoubleSniperMadness Hatchet_2014-04-06_09-45-55-27 DoubledSniperPickup OrderSniperBlueprintV4 TrenchKatPickupPreview Hatchet_2014-04-11_12-30-45-86



Mikak experiments with some models

Mikak has been busy creating models for Deus Ex, the picture below shows how these models look in game. These awesome models include a truck, a forklift, some sort of a transport and many decorative pallets and containers.



 That brings the close to  another newsletter, hoping to see you again next month, thank you for reading!

Welcome to the May edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This month sees the one year anniversary of the birth of the newsletter! The Deus Ex news this month sees yet another delay and no new release date for Deus Ex: Revision, Project Tarsus gets back on track after many months with no signs of life and Hatchet mod has a very productive month.


Deus Ex: Revision Release Delayed Yet Again!


The long awaited release date for Deus Ex: Revision that was announced last month by Caustic Creative, which stated a release on May 12, 2014, has once again not been met. This time however we have no new release date and so the final release could well be sometime this summer or perhaps fall! Last month’s extended date was said to give the team the chance to release a mod that they are happy with rather then rush something out that will require immediate fixes. Clearly now they have realised that they didn’t give themselves enough time and are now learning not to give definitive release dates until they actually might be able to keep to them.

Semi-final playtests are said to have being going on for the last few weeks and so it’s clear the mod isn’t yet close to final, and I think it’s wise to withhold a release date until they are playtesting a final v1.0 build. Expect more news next month, for now here’s a video entitled “Engineering Revision”.

Engineering Revision – Mod DB



Project Tarsus Author gets bored of Skyrim and GTA 5


The latest news from Project Tarsus is that the author is finally able to put down Skyrim and GTA 5 and continue to develop his awesome Deus Ex mod (although admittedly we don’t yet know how far his obsession with Goat Simulator really goes!). We have a number of new screenshots this month as seen below.

Order-Be-Praised Truck_Stop Canal_Lights Storage Heli-Bay ENBLighting


My Latest Work

This month I have worked on a number of maps as one last hurrah for Deus Ex multiplayer ahead of Gamespy’s closure on 31st May. I am currently hosting a server that features these maps along with others I have made over the last two years, look for Chinny’s Apocalypse 0 Augs Server.  Three of the four maps below are remakes of classic DXMP maps, screenshots below.

Shot0001_zps50f5ef9e Shot0003_zpsab10b6fa Shot0006_zpsa08b9b40 Shot0007_zpsa74a7559 Shot0005_zpsbf6a6c6e Shot0001_zps1e49b6df Shot0001_zpsa155d8c8 Shot0002_zps5af23292


Hatchet mod development speeds up


Hatchet sees lots of updates this month as development once again goes into warp drive. Updates include refining the gore system, fully modeled 12 Gauge Burst Fire Shotgun and .50 Doubled Sniper as well as many other tweaks and updates. The latest screenshots and videos below.

Heavy Weapons Demonstration – Mod DB

Twelve Gauge Burst Demonstration – Mod DB

DoubleSniperMadness Hatchet_2014-04-06_09-45-55-27 DoubledSniperPickup OrderSniperBlueprintV4 TrenchKatPickupPreview Hatchet_2014-04-11_12-30-45-86



GMDX v5 Hot Fix 2 Released


GMDX receives another patch up this month. This latest update fixes a major spawning error on the first Paris map. Simply copy the updated map file  into your Deus Ex maps folder and overwrite. the main GMDX v5 installer will be updated shortly to include the latest fix, but for now players should download this patch below. Further below are two GMDX videos, one shows off the improvements to Deus Ex’s augmentations system, the other displays improvements in enemy AI, enjoy.
GMDXv5: Hotfix_02

Augmented Augmentations – Mod DB

Improved Artificial Intelligence – Mod DB


 That brings the close to  another newsletter, hoping to see you again next month, thank you for reading!

Welcome to the April edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This month sees the shock announcement of GameSpy closing down it’s servers, Deus Ex: Revision finally gets a release date, and the Return of Denton gets explosive!


GameSpy Master servers closing down on May 31st!


The third-party online matchmaking client, GameSpy, is shutting down its services on May 31st. This means potentially 100’s of online games are under threat to being non-functional, Deus Ex included. It now comes down to publishers or the players themselves to create alternative arrangements to keep their online games alive. Expect updates on this next month as the Deus Ex community get their heads together to keep this great game online.


Deus Ex: Revision Release Date Finally Announced!


The long awaited release date for Deus Ex: Revision has been announced this month by Caustic Creative, the modification will release on May 12, 2014!  The extended date gives the team the chance to release a mod that they are happy with rather then rush something out that will require immediate fixes. The v1.0 release will be packaged with the Deus Ex: New Vision mod (a single installer), with the aim to  simplify the process of getting the two mods to work along side one another.

Currently work is still going on with environments and music scores, so there’s a possible chance that the mod could slip further into the year, however Caustic Creative are currently recruiting play testers.  Below are a plethora of screenshots that have surfaced this month.


Multiple textures for the many computers found in Deus Ex: Revision, including the dreaded blue screen of death!


Everett’s apartment gets a much needed upgrade.



Some very creepy looking service tunnels in the Vandenberg Air Force Base.





Deus Ex: Return Of Denton allows you to use a grenade launcher!

This month is all about the weapons for the Deus Ex: Return Of Denton mod, among the screenshots (below) you can see a very nice grenade launcher! This powerful weapon is said to have three to four rounds and will work in a similar fashion to the LAW, (the image doesn’t represent the final quality). The second image shows the blowtorch (as featured last month) as seen in game, the final image displays two more carcasses to join the others as seen in last month’s newsletter.


Grenade Launcher in Deus Ex? Oh go on then…


Expect to see this guy’s torso somewhere in the near vicinity.


The blowtorch looking good in game.


Deus Ex: Apocalypse new screenshot


The latest screenshot from the Deus Ex: Apocalypse mod shows a winter scene in Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown Manhattan.  Keen eyes will spot the altered environment,  added skybox, extra roof detail, and smoke effects.


The first of two Hell’s Kitchen missions.


My Latest Work

This month I have worked exclusively on DXMP_DM_Morbias which will be based on the original from Unreal Tournament’99 but will be heavily modified to my style. Most of the brushwork is completed,  the next update will be the beta 1 release, which will have a skybox, major (although not final) lighting tweaks, two small platforms in the central area which give the player quick access to the second floor, and more finalised textures in place as well as an overall more detailed look. You can check my latest maps online, look for Chinny’s Test Server, latest screenshots below.

Shot0000 Shot0002 Shot0001


Deranged Mod looking for artists


The long in development futuristic mod is currently looking for artists who can “make graffiti pieces or mural art either in photoshop or drawn by hand and scanned”. These pieces will be used throughout Deranged’s large city environment. The artwork is said to need “a transparent background and be at least 512 pixels large”. Contact the authorhere


Hengsha City RPG Back online in time for Summer


Hengsha City RPG online mod is planned to be back online in May. With its return sees many new features added including drivable and flyable vehicles, the Human Revolution style consumable items and improved intelligent cameras and security systems. Below are some of the Human Revolution style consumables as seen in game, work by Prototype.

Painkillers_zpsdf332709 PraxisKit_zpsa16da512  JarAndBar_zpsdd5a80faCyberBoostPack_zps7351f05b



GMDX v5 Patch 1 Released


GMDX receives a patch for fifth version. This latest patch update  fixes a potential game crashing bug which could occur on the  last level. If you are new to GMDX you do not need to download the patch as the GMDX v5 full version file has this patch integrated. Download the latest patch here


Other Community Maps

Below are early shots of a map currently in development by Scream.

Shot0038 Shot0037 Shot0036


Another early map in development, this time by Toxsy, screens below.


Shot0002 Shot0000

That brings the close to yet another newsletter, hoping to see you again in thirty or so day’s time, thank you for reading, and I wish you a happy Easter!

Welcome to another edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This month sees Deus Ex: Revision’s website get updated, Return of Denton shows off it’s darker side, I release two fight maps, the World War mod continues to development new assets and other new online maps surface.


Deus Ex: Revision looks unlikely to release in Quarter 1


This month sees the Caustic Creative team focus on improving ad updating their website. The new changes include a detailed mod progress page showing the various stages of completion for each chapter. Looking at the data (pictured below) would leave me to believe we are probably looking at a more realistic release date of summer, 2014 rather then the quarter one release date as stated last month.


Each chapter has its own progress status bars.


The new and improved looking website.

We also have a number of shots to drool over this month, some of which are posted below. They show various areas of the game with the full Deus Ex: Revision treatment!


scr_T_USAF1 scr_T_USAFx51


Deus Ex: Return Of Denton gets gruesome!

This month is all about the severed torsos and limbs as the creator of Deus Ex: Return of Denton, AlvinD, shares a number of NPC models found in his mod. The screenshot (below) shows characters being crucified, hanged upside down and even torsos with missing limbs and heads! Another shot (also below) shows off the blowtorch, combine this with the decapitated bodies and I’m sure that the mod will make for some interesting and possibly quite sadistic gameplay, sign me up! AlvinD has been busy adding polish and finishing touches to areas previously worked on and is currently messing around with NPC’s as he focuses less on the mapping side of things. More updates are expected soon, there is even a video planned for release, for more intricate updates see his blog here


Expect to see these guys in Deus Ex: Return of Denton’s dungeons!


The blowtorch, deadly in the wrong hands!


Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside not dead, honest!


The author of Deus Ex: Apolacyspe Inside, Tantalus_Denton, assures the Deus Ex community that his mod is not dead and is even kind enough to show us a very excellent looking chess board!



My Latest Work

This month saw the release of two of my fight maps that I have been working on recently, the first, DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, is an improved version of the original Mini Dust map I made back in 2011. The map has had minor upgrades to the layout, spawns have been moved around and it features many cosmetic upgrades which make it look far superior when compared to the old version.

Download DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 here

Shot0000 Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0003 Shot0004 Shot0005 Shot0006

The second of the fight maps is DXMP_Pool_v3, this is the third version of the Pool map I have made. The latest version, v3, features more rounded brushwork throughout the map and has some tweaks to the layout including new mini spawn rooms to give the map a fresh feel. There’s more decoration in this version and new lighting to really make it feel a vast update on the older versions.

Download DXMP_Pool_v3 here

DXMP_Pool_v3 01 DXMP_Pool_v3 02 DXMP_Pool_v3 03 DXMP_Pool_v3 04 DXMP_Pool_v3 05


Online RPG map in the works by Atrey

Here are the latest shots of an RPG online world currently being crafted by Atrey, the shots look reminiscent of another RPG world in the works, Face Town,  which is never a bad thing! 

Shot0072-1 Shot0073-1 Shot0075-1 Shot0052-1


DXMP_Terrorism_3 fight map by Chees Early Screens

These are the first screenshots from Chees’ latest mapping project. The map is based on the Terrorism_3 map from Urban Terror. The early screens look decent and the original map is said to have a decent flow and fast paced action and so I am looking forward to playing this one in the servers hopefully not before too long! Both day and nighttime versions are planned, expect more updates soon, screens below.

UrT2 UrT1


Hatchet mod progress prods along


Updates have slowed down alot lately with Hatchet mod, but that should come as no surprise as we’ve been so spoiled with updates over the past six months! The only update this month shows three screenshots of a personal defense weapon which despite it’s lethalness, still manages to look cute!

Hatchet_2014-02-12_05-59-33-59 Hatchet_2014-02-12_05-59-04-71 Hatchet_2014-02-12_05-58-46-48


World War mod latest screenshots

Here is a collection of the latest shots from the continued development of the World War multiplayer mod.

image westernfront a7vfgs

T hat brings the close to another newsletter, hoping to see you again in thirty or so day’s time, thank you for reading!

Welcome to another edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This month sees Deus Ex: Revision’s release date get further pushed back, HDTP releases its third beta, Otchlan mod is set for a potential 2014 release, Face Town new screens,  Hatchet mod goes guns crazy (again), Terminus Machina has you eating birds and rats and lots more Deus Ex goodness besides.


Deus Ex: Revision gets new release date


The much anticipated  Deus Ex: Revision mod now has a release date of quarter one (Jan – Mar), so expect the release sometime in March, 2014. The original release date target was December, 2013 which then got pushed back to January, 2014 and now further into 2014.

The main reason for further pushing back the release date is to add polish and to eliminate any bugs within the game which is a very sensible standpoint to take. Soon the Caustic Creative team will be looking for additional play testers, only a very small number, to “give clear and critically thought-out feedback on their experience, comprehensively mark out issues and describe any bugs they may encounter”. The team is also looking to further develop their website (found here), and, as mentioned in earlier newsletters, there may be a limited run of  physical CD soundtrack albums after the digital release, depending on demand. This album will feature cover art from Erica Vasquez, whose portfolio includes this art work.


Here is the cover art for the digital release of Deus Ex: Revision’s soundtrack album. This will be launched through


One of the many new Datavault images – this one shows the map of the PRCS Wall Cloud, in the upper decks of the ship.


High Definition Texture Package (HDTP) Beta 3 Release


For those unfamiliar, Project HDTP is a High Definition Texture Package mod for Deus Ex. It replaces the low resolution textures with higher resolution counterparts. HDTP also replaces the weapons, vehicles, objects and character models with reworked high quality versions (including new unique character models and animations). This month beta 3 has been released, which can be found here, download all 3 packages and unzip them to their respective folders. Here’s a note from the authors at;

“NOTE: Character meshes default to “off”, so go to HDTP Settings and enable them if you wish, but be aware: the MJ12 trooper mesh is currently bugged, and has a shockingly high tendency to crash your game, so it is (sadly) advisable to leave them using the original mesh.”


Deus Ex multiplayer clan wars 

This month saw two matches between [FGS] (the longest running clan in Deus Ex multiplayer) vs Hivemind. The format was a zero aug configuration and “best of three”. The first showdown featured the maps DXMP_Smuggler and DXMP_Silo which saw Hivemind winning 2-0 thus no third map was played, shots and video below.


The rematch played the following week headed the same result, 2-0 to Hivemind, the maps played were DXMP_Smuggler and DXMP_CS-Office. It’s great to see such an old gaming community still have the ability to organise clan wars between clans and I would like to congratulate all involved.

Shot0023 Shot0024


My Latest Work

This month saw the release of the prefinal version of DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, an improved version of the Mini Dust map I made back in 2011. The map has had slight tweaks to the layout and has more detail when compared to the original version, there’s new weapon boards, steps, archways, lights, textures, boxes, windows, crates, cabinets, vent, wooden trim etc. Also improved is the lighting throughout, I have also made some improvements to the performance of the exterior areas. Also I have now setup a test server which I will throw on all my new maps, look out for Chinny’s Test Server.

Download DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2_Prefinal here

Shot0000 Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0003 Shot0004 Shot0005 Shot0006


Return of Denton updates

Return of Denton gets to grip with adding degradation to it’s environments to add more character and believability. Below are shots which show damaged floors and walls. Further shots below show other areas found in the mod.


2 3


Doing overtime at the offices of Scorp Corp.


Scorp Corp warehouse.


DXMP_Meditation_beta2 fight map by Anax

This is the latest version of DXMP_Meditation by Anax. This is a fight map for Deus Ex multiplayer and is compatible with both zero augs and augs gametypes. The map is set mostly outdoors and features an unusual daytime setting which is a rarity in Deus Ex multiplayer maps, screenshots and download link below.

Download DXMP_Meditation_beta2 here

1 (8) 1 1 (2) 1 (5) 1 (7)


Otchlan Mod video charts progress and hints to release date


A video has been released this month which displays the progress of the single player horror mod over the years since it’s inception. The short video shows alot of progress was made in 2013 and even hints at a 2014 release. The video can be viewed below.

Otchlan Mod Progress V2 2013/2014 – Mod DB


Hatchet mod goes weapon crazy


Weapons are very much the flavour of the month for the Hatchet mod. New weapons have been modeled and new animations have been added along with new mechanics and sounds. Only three guns are left to model, so far Hatchet mod features four handguns, six riles, three shotguns and an SMG. Below are three videos showcasing different weapons found in the Hatchet mod.

General Rifle Demonstration – Mod DB

Light Weapons Demonstration – Mod DB

12G Compact Shotgun Demonstration – Mod DB


“General” Rifle version two.




Face Designs projects, Face Town and Antarctica latest screenshots

FACE (the man responsible for mods such as Disclosure) has updated the community on two ongoing projects of his, the first being Face Town. Face Town is an online RPG mod that has been in the works, on and off,  for six years. The mod has many unique features and boasts a truly massive open world, I am currently in the process of writing a special feature on this mod so look out for this soon. Below are two random screenshots.

Denton Decisions

The second of the two online mods is Antarctica, not much is known about this mod, it is set in, you guessed it, Antarctica. Below are early screenshots of the mod, showing the main base building, expect more updates soon.

base3 base base2


Terminus Machina latest screenshots


Hackable satellites, Moonbase, edible birds and rats, and signal jammers are the focus this month for Terminus Machina.  Below are the latest screenshots which show those things mentioned above and also in editor shots of the latest work on the super secret hacktivist revolutionary headquarters.


Yummy! Birds can be eaten for the ultimate fast food experience.


Take that Amazon drone!


Awesome looking Moon textures.


A signal jammer..for jamming signals.

  KFVlO8L TexDemo2TMTPTest1.1


WW2 mod latest screenshots

Here is a collection of the latest shots of several maps in development found in the WW2 multiplayer mod including scenes from Stalingrad and Italy. The WW2 mod is currently being hosted, look out for the [WW2] War Server.

Shot0081 Shot0079 Shot0019 Shot0062 STALINGRAD1 Shot0021 Shot0080

Well that brings the close to another newsletter, hoping to see you again in a month’s time, thank you for reading!

Welcome to another edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This newsletter is a bit late due to the crazy Christmas and new year period so apologies for my tardiness. I’d like to wish everybody a happy and healthy new year, there are plenty of amazing Deus Ex single player mods to look forward to in 2014 as well as many interesting multiplayer projects.

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last thirty days or so…


Deus Ex: Revision December updates


The Deus Ex: Revision team, Caustic Creative, have bolstered their development crew with the addition of CyberP. CyberP is the lead designer for excellent Deus Ex mod GMDX ( that was released last year. He will bring to the table his level designing skills and will aid with enhancing Deus Ex: Revision’s environment’s gameplay and flow.

OST Cover Art News

Jerion (John French), the audio director whose task is to create Deus Ex: Revision’s soundtrack, has released a video with commentary. In the short video entitled “The Music of Revision” Jerion talks briefly about the process of creating the soundtrack with Logan. The final soundtrack is said to have around 100 pieces of music, the video can be viewed below.

The Music of Revision – Mod DB

And finally, we have some new screenshots to ponder upon below. Deus Ex: Revision is still currently slated for a January 2014 release although we will forgive them if this slides into February!.


A much more fortified version of the mini-submarine base.


The missile defense system used by the MJ12 to defend the Ocean Lab base, looks sturdy enough to me.


Deus Ex: Revision’s take on the Datavault images sees much higher resolution pictures with clearer details, these images are still subject to change.


World War II Deus Ex Multiplayer Mod gets further enhancements

World War 2 mod for Deus Ex multiplayer is having an update with new maps, updated code and tweaked weaponry. The complete mod features many WWII style weapons, maps, regenerating health, new infolink messages,  improved AI bots and drivable vehicles (thanks to Furpark mod for the brushes). This mod came about from an older, smaller mod called Code Zero. The mod offers “constant battle” between the Axis and the Allied forces regardless of how many players are in the server. The coder for the project, Poor, has updated WWII era weapons originally made by  Clyzm, he has also edited DXRV mod’s weapons, vehicles, smoke grenades and parachutes, with the added addition of new vehicles and soldiers  for use in multiplayer servers.

The mod features maps from six different members of the Deus Ex community, seven maps in total are currently being edited for use of drive-able vehicles and bot battles. Currently, environments  include cities, towns, deserts, bunkers and there are plans for other locals such as beaches, snow, jungles and “ostfront” maps with factories. The mod is constantly undergoing improvements and is currently hosted right now so anyone is free to join in on the action, look out for the ~–[WW2]—>War Server. Latest shots below of maps in development, and further below are finished maps that the mod currently uses.

Shot0001-1 Shot0002 Shot0000-1 Shot0003-2

Shot0003-3 Shot0000-2 Shot0006

Shot0033 Shot0003 Shot0070 Shot0038


My Latest Work

This month has been quite busy regarding my mapping for Deus Ex multiplayer, which saw two prefinal releases. I put my progress on DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 on hold to focus on getting out two other maps in time for Christmas and succeded (just!). The first of the two maps is DXMP_Pool_v3, this updated version has much rounder brushwork thoughout (when compared to version 2) and has new elements such as biobots and medbots, cabinets, breakable glass, new perimeter windows, new lighting and ambient sounds, pictures below.

Download DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal here

DXMP_Pool_v3_PrefinalDXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (3)  DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (4)DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (2)

The second of the two maps is DXMP_Amon_Prefinal, a multiplayer fight map I’ve been working on and off for over half a year now. This map is fairly open and features four different levels, the map has lots of interesting light effects such as multi-coloured corona effects. The map has many ramps and two elevators that keep the action fast and flowing, there are four spawn rooms altogether and the map has all the usual Deus Ex goodness thrown in.

Download DXMP_Amon_Prefinal here

DXMP_Amon (2)DXMP_Amon (8)DXMP_Amon (4)DXMP_AmonDXMP_Amon (5)DXMP_Amon (7)DXMP_Amon (6)DXMP_Amon (3)


Return of Denton updates

Return of Denton continues development this month with mapping for the Hilton Hotel going well. The author, AlvinD, will focus next on NPCs, scripting, decoration and weapons. Below are three of the latest screenshots.

20131208-185858 20131208-185915 20131208-185922


 Biomod added support


Biomod, orignally released early 2011, will now be updated for the purpose of being compatible with other Deus Ex mods such  as Shifter 1.9 and HDTP. There are also plans to add an option to enable Shifter’s skill system as well as other bug fixes. The author of Biomod, Clorf, is waiting for the full Shifter 1.9 mod release as he mentions the difficulties he ran into when updating Biomod for use with the beta version of Shifter mod previously. Expect updates on this over the next few months, for now here’s a video of the excellent mod that is Biomod just to refresh your memories, or for those unfamiliar.


Hatchet mod updates


It’s been an usually slow month of progress for the Hatchet mod in December (although totally understandable given the crazy nature of that particular month), only a few minor updates have been made including some coding advancements, minor modeling and some bug fixes. We do have one screenshot to show off however, below is the 12 gauge compact Shotgun.


Hatchet mod closes in on it’s target number of weapons with five more to model.


Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside aims for Grand Theft Auto style gameplay


This month Tantalus Denton, the guy behind Deus Ex: Apocalypse gives us two early screenshots of the progress of Manhattan. The goal is to have a city hub style of map, which includes a newly designed Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square and Midtown Manhattan. Also this map is said to be “more of a freeroam GTA style map on a scale not too insane for Deus Ex”.  Expect more updates soon.

Shot0104 Shot0105


Fan Media of the month

Here is a collection of random art work, videos and screenshots that caught my eye this month.

6910_screenshots_2013-02-15_00011  6910_screenshots_2013-11-30_00006 6910_screenshots_2013-12-03_00001 6910_screenshots_2013-02-28_00001

Well another month goes by, once again apologies for the lateness, see you (hopefully this time) again on the 1st of Feb!

Welcome to my Deus Ex newsletter, December edition, 2013. The last newsletter of 2013 is the seventh newsletter overall, which means this has been going on for over half a year now, I’d like to thank those of the Deus Ex community that have thrown links, images and heads ups along the way, as well as those that have promoted the newsletter, cheers! I’d also like to quickly wish you guys a happy Christmas/holiday season.  If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, catch me on steam (chinesedemocracy677), or email me at

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last thirty days…


Deus Ex: Revision release date runs into next year


Recently it has become apparent that the updates for Deus Ex: Revision were becoming somewhat sparse, and so it comes as no surprise when Caustic Creative, the team behind Deus Ex: Revision, announced that the new release date target will now run into the next year, 2014. However what is surprising is that we are talking barely into 2014 as the new target date is a very close-by “last half of January”. To coincide with the mod’s release, the team are planning to release the official OST (original soundtrack) album , Caustic Creative are even considering producing a limited run of physical disc copies too. Below are the latest screenshots of areas from the Ocean Lab environment.

Greasel_Lab RevisionOCNew OceanLab_Excavations Ocean_Lab_CMD_Centre_2


Hatchet mod Weapon updates


Weapons are very much the flavour of the month for Hatchet this month. Lots of new meshes have been completed, below is a video with commentary which shows off the Assault Rifle along with the “shoot down sight” mechanic and the reloading animation which I think looks great 🙂

Assault Rifle #1 Demonstration – Mod DB

Assault Rifle #1 Pickup PreviewFlashlight Pickup Meshes

Folding Double Sniper V3

Below are two more videos that show the Carbine and the HnK M460 in all their glory.

Carbine Demonstration – Mod DB

HnK M460 Demonstration. – Mod DB


Deus Ex: Return of Denton latest screenshots

Several new screenshots have come to light this month for the single player Deus Ex mod, these are posted below.


The headquarters of  ScorpCorp, set to feature in one of ROD’s side missions.

MODDBROD2 20131101-220259 20131103-204745 20131103-203145


My Latest work

I‘ve been working on two maps recently, DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 and DXMP_Pool_v3 (shots below). I expect to have the prefinal version of DXMP_Pool_v3 ready for release in early December, also expect the prefinal of an older map,  DXMP_Amon,  soon after.

mini mini (2) mini (3) Shot0000




Fan Media of the month

Here is a collection of random art work, videos and screenshots that caught my eye this month.

7  43

Well that covers yet another month, a short newsletter this time around, see you in the new year!

Welcome to my Deus Ex newsletter, November edition, 2013. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform people of all the new happenings going on in the (original) Deus Ex community (which is still ticking after well over a decade) – these include new mods, maps, mini-mods, servers, clan wars, community events etc. I am also aiming to help connect the single and multiplayer communities of Deus Ex. If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, or email me at

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last month…


Deus Ex: Revision latest shots


Ocean Lab is the most recent focus for the revision treatment, below are two screenshots showing the newly improved Ocean Lab environment. The first of the two shots shows  the entrance area, the bland walls have been made transparent showing off the local sea life, this really enforces the underwater Ocean Lab feeling. The second screen shot displays the Ocean Lab’s Command Centre which looks busier when compared to the original configuration.


Entrance to the Ocean Lab.


The Ocean Lab’s Command Centre.


Otchlan Mod latest bonus screenshots


After last months plethora of screenshots, Otchlan mod’s author, LEADERgry, has kept the balling rolling by releasing another two bonus screen captures. The two shots, below, are LEADERgry’s rendition of the main hallway from the Resident Evil mansion, which is funny to see as yours truly is in the process of creating the mansion for another fantastic Deus Ex horror mod called That Resident Evil Mod.


The Spencer Mansion from the brilliant Resident Evil makes an appearance in Otchlan mod, well at least the main hallway. Who knows how much of the mansion is being mapped for Otchlan mod (hopefully lots of it!).



Hatchet mod updates


The latest updates from the Deus Ex single player mod Hatchet include weapon remodels/animations and new ammo types. The video below shows the Carbine weapon model in action, so far Hatchet mod has seven weapon models complete.


A preview of the .45 Revolver weapon, this looks like it packs a punch to say the least.

Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-58-16 Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-55-32 Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-19-63 Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-21-35 Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-23-73


A preview of the remodeled work bench, this may not be the final version.


M416 Assault gun preview.


Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside to feature cut “Moon mission”


The single player Deus Ex mod entitled Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside is set to feature a level that takes place on the moon, something the original Deus Ex was planned to have but the idea was later pulled. You can even see some of the original moon textures that were going to be used in the SDK.  A couple of screenshots can be seen below.

Shot0103 Shot0102


Sharpshooter mod continues to be updated, community release planned


Atrey’s Sharpshooter mod is still being updated, check back here often for the latest version (first post): Sharpshooter is a mod that switches the players weapon set every forty five seconds and so makes for some fast paced and frantic action. Plans are in place to release the full and final version to the community soon along with a map pack specifically edited with the mod in mind.

Shot0003 Shot0002

Shot0001 Shot0000


Deus Ex Server Lister (DXSL) update for Windows

An update for the Windows version of DXSL has been released for Deus Ex by Deja Vu a.k.a One1. The DXSL shows all the Deus Ex servers along with information such as player count, server maps and mods and some other server details. The latest update is v. 3.4.0 and can be downloaded here – There are plans to update the Android version in the near future.


A couple of maps by myself

My latest released Deus Ex fight map, DXMP_Peak, is based on Peak from Unreal Tournament ’99 (I’m looking to make quite a few more in future!), and has a more rounded look when compared to its original form.  This map has been given the full Deus Ex treatment and features biobots, medbots, cabinets, custom made weapon boards, and a vent.

DXMP_Peak’s setting is a castle like building set on top of an extremely sharp rising “mountain” like feature. The building has five floors in total, two lifts/elevators will get you between floors three and four, and four and five, also two staircases will give you access between floors one and two and also two and three. In addition there are outer walkways that circle the perimeter of the building that will allow you to access every floor. Screenshots and download link below.

Download DXMP_Peak here


My interpretation of Peak.


I‘m also in the process of making DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, an updated version of my 2011 interpretation of Mini Dust from Counterstrike. I will keep the same dimensions and tweak slightly the layout, also I will improve the lighting and visuals. Extremely early screenshots below.

minimini (2)  Shot0000


Human Renovation v1.3 by G-Flex released


Human Renovation is a patch for Deus Ex that breathes new life into the game. The patch addresses countless bug fixes with Deus Ex, and has a whole host of other good stuff including updates an improvements to the NPCs. NPCs are more deadly thanks to improved reaction time to threats and weapon accuracy, this becomes even more apparent when dealing with augmented enemies.  There are also many tweaks to augmentations, skills, health, you name it, you really have to read the readme file with the download below as there really are tons of additions!

Human Renovation v1.3


MiniMTL version 233 released

Deja Vu a.ka one1 has released his latest MiniMTL version 233 for use with Deus Ex multiplayer servers. This version is a quick fix for the older version 232 as there were some server log spamming issues, you will have to configure miniMTL.ini to version 233 manually. Download link here


Fan Media of the month

Here is a collection of random art work, videos and screenshots that caught my eye this month.

 6910_screenshots_2012-05-01_00009 6910_screenshots_2012-09-07_00002 6910_screenshots_2012-10-17_000046910_screenshots_2011-10-05_00020 6910_screenshots_2013-04-18_00001

Well that covers yet another month, I expect alot of mods to come out of the woodwork as we approach Christmas, thanks for reading, see you in thirty odd days!

Welcome to my Deus Ex newsletter, October edition, 2013. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform people of all the new happenings going on in the (original) Deus Ex community (which is still ticking after well over a decade) – these include new mods, maps, mini-mods, servers, clan wars, community events etc. I am also aiming to help connect the single and multiplayer communities of Deus Ex. If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, or email me at

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last month…


Deus Ex: Revision – calm before the storm?


After the big updates of Deus Ex: Revision in the last few months its gone all quiet at Caustic Creative. However they have thrown us a small bone in the shape of a music file thanks to Jerion. The piece is an early version of the Hell’s Kitchen ambient score, although it is not final it gives you a nice feel of the atmosphere intended. The music track can be heard below.

NYC Streets Concept Music – Mod DB


Otchlan Mod latest screenies


The dark and eerie Deus Ex single player horror mod Otchlan was last featured in this newsletter back in the June edition. I’m pleased to have it return here in light of new screenshots being released by the mod’s author LEADERgry. The very random screenshots can be viewed below, I’ve also included an old video of the work in progress mod so you can really get the vibe of Otchlan.

Shot0026 Shot0027 Shot0021x Shot0025 Shot0023 Shot0021 Shot0024 Shot0022 Shot0024x

Otchlan Mod Game Play 2 Test – Mod DB

Here is another Octhlan video, this one is slightly less sinister I think you will agree 😉

Dancers 01.04.2013 – Mod DB


Hatchet mod gets more updates


The Deus Ex single player mod Hatchet has had some updates as expected this month, the author WCCC spoke of many updates which include added a parrying system for melee weapons which also see the weapons weaken and break down (which is in keeping with more modern games), tweaks have been made to armour damage and many small bug fixes have been addressed. The latest screenshots can be seen below.


Melee weapon blocking animation in action, once in this pose you view is obstructed and you will move slower, re-hit the parry button to come out of this mode.

Hatchet_2013-09-17_22-21-25-95 Hatchet_2013-09-19_10-52-30-95 Hatchet_2013-09-21_21-47-51-99BlueprintPreview AbilityTreePreview2G3SASPreview


Here is a very early look at the Ability tree system found in Hatchet, WCCC states he still needs to add branches between skills, upgrade/purchase buttons, assign hotkeys to abilities and even a large amount of UI elements that track the level and experience of the character, which all sounds very complex and deep.


Check out Deus Ex within the Steam community


This a great place to check out for all Deus Ex fans, particularly the discussions section as it is very active with new players (experiencing Deus Ex for the first time) and veterans alike. The discussions board can be found here, and the main page is found here.


Deus Ex – There’s an app for that

An Android application version of DXSL has been released for Deus Ex by Deja Vu a.k.a One1. DXSL is an abbreviation of Deus Ex Server Lister and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The application can be found either here, or a quick search of DXSL on Play Store will bring up the app. Currently the very first 1.0.0 version is available although there is said to be updates for improvements in the near future. With this app you can browse currently online Deus Ex multiplayer servers along with server information and current number of players, for use with Android 3.0 and above. “In phone” screenshots below.

2013-09-29_11-11-43    2013-09-29_11-12-232013-09-29_11-11-472013-09-29_11-11-522013-09-29_11-11-56


Bob Page HDTP models by Phasmatis


Phasmatis has uploaded his Bob Page models to the community which are free to use as they wish. Both the normal clothed and augmented versions of Bob Page are up for grabs, for more information and for download linkys see here


Deranged mod looking for volunteers


The Paranoid Games team working on the single player Deus Ex mod known as Deranged are currently calling for some volunteers to help with development of their mod. They have close to twenty new weapon models that require animations and need to be imported. As some of these weapon models are high in polygon count they need these polygons reduced (presumably to aid with animations and importing success).

Paranoid Games are also looking for people to make NPC skins and perhaps some other textures, mappers to aid in the building of a large city environment which is currently being worked on. And finally, coders and experienced mission-scripters will be useful as the team have crazy stuff planned for Deranged….


Real Deus Ex final version 2.0 released


BART1995 has released his Deus Ex single player mod, Real Deus Ex (RDX), this month. The mod promises to add more realism to the original single player campaign and also add new elements to refresh the game, a few changes, and the download link are located below.

  • Addition of the undead
  • New character skins
  • Addition of real allies
  • Larger and more dynamic battles

14 2 8 9  6 35 7

Real Deus Ex (RDX) Final Version (2.0)


New USA based Deus Ex multiplayer servers

Deus Ex multiplayer  got a boost this month with the addition of two new professional servers thanks to the guys at Deus Ex Gaming (found at Both servers are hosted in New York, USA, and provide both zero augs and ATDM action. The servers are a much needed slice of action for players based in the USA as servers located there have been few and far between of late.


Terminus Machina Latest


Below is a concept art designed by Orboscope which shows the early concept of the humanitarian zone and refugee camp.



Fan Media of the month

Here is a collection of random art work, videos and screenshots that caught my eye this month.

community_image_1373044712 community_image_1374350982 community_image_1380336410

Well that covers yet another month (Don’t the months go quick?!!), thanks for all the positive comments regarding the newsletter it really has taken me by surprise. Next month we can expect a major update from Caustic Creative regarding their brilliant Deus Ex: Revision mod, thanks for reading.

Welcome to the fourth edition of my Deus Ex newsletter – September 2013. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform people of all the new happenings going on in the (original) Deus Ex community – these include new mods, maps, mini-mods, servers, clan wars, community events etc. I am also aiming to help connect the single and multiplayer communities of Deus Ex. If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, or email me at

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last thirty or so days…


work on Deus Ex: Revision surges on to meet 2013 release


After last month’s demo the Deus Ex: Revision team (found at have been busy working on their excellent mod in order to finish it in time to satisfy their quarter four target. The latest update sees the completion of the Universal Constructor environment. The mapper “Trasher” was influenced by System Shock 2 and has caught the vibe of that game wonderfully. Three screenshots have been released which can be viewed below, expect more and more updates from the team at Deus Ex: Revision as the mod gets ever closer to its release schedule, and i wish them all the best!


An updated shot of the newly improved Universal Constructor map, which looks great but still maintains the original Deus Ex vibe.


Something tells me this is the Universal Constructor…


Good use of different lighting colours give this screen shot a sense of depth.



Terminus Machina undergoes further post release development


Two months after its release, Terminus Machina will, somewhat surprisingly, undergo further development and improvement. The author of Terminus Machina “SilverSpook” has had a recent mass arrival of interested modders to help with post release improvements to the mod, these are the individuals that have been added to the Terminus Machina roster;

AlvinD2008 – 3D modelling and textures.
Dentonoid – Testing.

JCDenton2000 – Mapping and textures.
xen0phile – coding.

If you are interested in joining the newly assembled team, you can contact the author here (I don’t recommend sending a hummingbird drone to SilverSpook’s safe house in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Moscow option on offer).

The early plan is to have new content and textures along with additional environments (already in development is two large scaled cities!) so it seems like a significant add on. One of the new cities is said to be a dystopic, run down and bleak version of Hong Kong. The other is a “light on a hill” within the austerity-torn San Fran necropolis, a burgeoning hub of humanitarian aid orgs, NGO-backed resilient communities, and refugee camps.


Here’s a concept art sketch of an area of the SoMa Autonomous Zone, a hub of humanitarian aid organisations, NGO-backed resilient communities, and refugee camps that serve the unfortunate citizens of San Francisco.


Meet the PWNER, (Portable Waterproof Neodymium Energized Rod) the newest addition to the Hex Gen’s arsenal. It is said to be a anti-drone, photon based weapon and is still under development, Model by AlvinD.



Hatchet mod gets intricate with dismembered body parts (yay!)


The Deus Ex single player mod known as Hatchet has once again been given some updates, the author WCCC (White Chocolate Chip Clock, if you were wandering, yeah I thought it would be cookie instead of clock but whatever) has listed off the numerous improvements/additions which can be seen below.

  • Modified door-breaching shotgun ammo to be better VS armored targets, this was necessary since 10G ammo has no VS armor specials.
  • Buffed door-breaching shotgun ammo’s damage threshold.
  • Tweaked some stuff with ammo looting so weapons recovered give you their current magazine’s worth of ammo and ammo looted gives you no more than one magazine per looting. This is perfectly balanced since previously you could get thousands of rounds of standard ammunition just like that, recent testing has proven this to be just the right amount of looting.
  • Pawns may now throw their weapons on the ground provided that:
    A. They own at least one melee weapon
    B. Their current weapon is NOT a melee weapon.
    C. Their current weapon is also either broken (from extensive use), out of ammo, or jamming and they happen to randomly get fed up with it (happens randomly below 25% condition)
  • Pawns and carcasses now drop items when gibbed, similar to the effect of TNM but with some key differences (ammo will drop on its own, weapons give ammo equivalent to current magazine, weapons dropped from gibbing take damage to their condition, item weight affects how far items will fling, and generally the range of possible velocities is much more realistic and controlled)
  • Carcasses now drop metal fragments if the average armor rating of the pawn that died to make the carcass was above 15%.
  • Carcasses now inherit average armor rating from the pawns that spawn them during their death. This makes corpses with higher armor rating more resistant to damage (as low as 16% or so of base damage received)
  • Fixed a bug where looting carcasses that are destroyed after opening the window would crash they game. This had a safety mechanism already in place, but it proved ineffective due to the insanity that is extension objects vs actors and how the engine handles their basic behaviors.
  • Attempting to pick up corpses that burned to death makes them gib.
  • Gibs from burned corpses are now a more charred color to resemble the corpse they came from.
  • Pawns that die or are knocked unconscious while on fire will ALWAYS die and become burned now. This had a funny bug prevalent as far as TNM’s reach where knocking out people while on fire would make them magically unconscious, except in TNM they would still be on fire, wait what?
  • Tweaked console commands a tad. Tiny stuff.
  • Fixed a bug with repairing items where if the damage was minimal enough to cost 0 scrap that it would not allow you to repair. Now you can take advantage of such rare opportunities and rejoice.
  • Fixed some bugs with the still experimental gore spatter revamp related to rotation; still want to modify it a lot more before I’m calling it acceptable though.
  • Installed the replacement to the old aug system. I can’t say too much for the sake of spoilers, but it is massively revamped and draws influence from Human Revolution, in that the player levels up and can spend level ups on new abilities or upgrades for old ones.

(And that was supposed to be a quiet month for the mod yikes!)

WCCC has also released a couple of screenshots showing the newly improved (albeit still experimental) body parts/splatter goodness. The shots below show the stark contrast between the old style and the new style of dismembered limbs and blood effects. Blood spots/splatters have obviously increased, your armor now explodes into pieces, enemies can be burned, stunned, and torn asunder by special ammunition. Another nice touch is the throwing away of weapons with gusto when no longer needed, empty magazines and shell casings pile up on the floor, and the general chaos of battle is heightened to new levels.


The standard looking body pieces/blood from Deus Ex, if you’ve played Deus Ex multiplayer then you’ve seen this sight all too often.


Lots more blood, armour and weapons are strewn about and the general violence and goriness have increased to satisfying levels.


recent Shifter v1.9 update receives newer RC1 version 

Shifter Logo

The Shifter mod for Deus Ex which, last month, had a surprise v.1.9 update has once again received a small update. The v1.9 RC0 update has now been super-seeded with the v1.9 RC1 version. The v1.9 edition of the shifter mod takes advantage of the fairly recent High Definition Texture Package (HDTP) mod beta release and includes new weapons and also alternative fire (altfire) modes to many weapons. The more recent small improvements include removing some demo-detection code which was causing issues for some users when trying to start a new game, and also localises the “you discarded a combat knife” message.

The latest v1.9 RC1 Shifter mod can be downloaded here


Return of Denton SP mod latest

Return of Denton mod has had some updates this month, the author of the mod, AlvinD, has been busy working on the Hilton hotel interior and has made decent progress this month. Some loose ends need to be tied up and then he will start to work on cutscenes and converations, so hopefully we may get a video soon. (no pressure intended Alvin :P) I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Alvin D for providing several exclusive screenshots for this blog found amongst the screenshots below, cheers. To see updates on Return Of Denton in more detail go here


A WIP shot of a school bus prefab, nice brushwork!


Blowtorch, there’s also a power drill in development!


Here you will find “Jerry”, the guard of the Hilton Hotel, locked in one of the cages. I’m guessing you have to rescue him, although it’s possible you may have to torture him in that nasty spinny spikey thingy?


A screenshot of a top secret location found in ROD.


An updated shot of the Hilton Hotel, NYC. Looks improved compared to the earlier shot found in last month’s newsletter, good job.

Shot0015 Shot0018 Shot0026


Poor’s latest releases

Poor (a respected modder of the Deus Ex multiplayer community) has released a couple of mutators this month, which are explained in detail below.

Bark Mutator

This mod allows an online player to say (bark) sound samples found in the Deus Ex single player campaign such as short one liners and screams and whatnot (it’s quite funny when used correctly!).


  1. Place MBark.u in the System folder.
  2. Add the following lines in the [DeusEx.DeusExGameEngine] section of DeusEx.ini.
  • ServerActors=MBark.MBark
  • ServerPackages=DeusExConAudioAIBarks

How to Use;

Players type the command:

  • mutate bark N P

to play a NPC speech where N is the speech number and P is an optional pitch modifier, a number 0-10.

Admin commands;

  • mutate barks off – Disables the mutator.
  • mutate barks on – Enables the mutator.

Note: If players are annoyed, tell them to turn off their speech volume.

Download Poor’s Bark Mutator here

Cleverbot Mutator

Cleverbot is a well-known chat bot. This mutator allows players to communicate with CleverBot, which is particurly good for use with RPG and fun style of servers.


Place CleverBot.u file into the System folder and add the following line in the [DeusEx.DeusExGameEngine] section of DeusEx.ini.

  • ServerActors=CleverBot.CleverBotMutator

How to Use;

Players may communicate with CleverBot by using the command:

  • mutate cleverbot say  (message content)

Admin commands;

  • mutate cleverbot disable – Disables CleverBot.
  • mutate cleverbot enable – Enables CleverBot.
  • mutate cleverbot listen – CleverBot will listen to all player messages without them explicitly using the “cleverbot say” command. Unlike other commands, this is not a lasting effect and it will return to normal behavior next game.
  • mutate cleverbot listen stop – CleverBot will only listen to messages coming from the “cleverbot say” command.
  • mutate cleverbot name [Name] – Changes the name the bot.
  • mutate cleverbot name 2 [Name] – Changes the name of the second bot (only used in bot conversations).
  • mutate cleverbot botconvo [Entry Message] – Starts a conversation between two bots, starting with the provided message. The conversation will last 30 seconds.
  • mutate cleverbot botconvo stop – Stops the current bot conversation.

Note: CleverBot settings are stored in Mutators.ini.

Download Poor’s Cleverbot Mutator here


MiniMTL 230 releases

Deja Vu has released the latest MiniMTL 230, the aim of this release is to address accelerated firerate issues that some players experience when playing Deus Ex multiplayer. The latest version is still work in progress and has some bugs.

Download MiniMTL 230 (read me file included) here


New Deus Ex Clan – Aliens-Takeover (AT-O)


The newest clan in a long list of Deus Ex multiplayer clans is Aliens-Takeover or simply AT-O. AT-O are currently hosting a fun server and they also have a forum set up at Below is the current member list;


~Experienced Members~



I wish AT-O all the best with their new clan, they are certainly off to a good start.


New Deus Ex Multiplayer Maps


Training_Arena by Cat, a simple enclosed arena map built for clan training purposes, has a symmetrical layout which features six, six sided recesses at opposite ends with connecting pathways.

Shot0000 Shot0001

Download Training_Arena here


Lets Live RPG map (work in progress) by Toxsy. Looking at the screenshots it’s clear that alot of work has already been completed, the RPG map is very dark and eerie and is set in a city environment.


An in-editor (false lighting) shot of a street in Toxsy’s WIP RPG map, overhead train tracks that feature street lights either side.

Dx3 Dx4  Dx2 Dx


Cats Undercity by Cat, a fairly large RPG style of map which features a large shopping centre-esque environment which is host to tons of shops and amenities including a casino, a bar and a disco.


  • 10+ shops
  • Apartments
  • Build Zone
  • Zombie Kill
  • Bot Kill
  • Admin Room (Now why doesn’t that surprise me?! :P)
  • Pool
  • Casino
  • Disco
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Lots of Different Weapons (Deusex , Markistan)
  • Park
  • Underworld Train Station

Shot0004 Shot0006 Shot0008  Shot0012 Shot0018 Shot0019Shot0009


Temple of Cat by Cat is a fight map that features a large temple that pays homage to the four legged feline. The temple has several floors and the map has enlarged decorative items to give it some character.

Shot0004Shot0009   Shot0012Shot0008

Well that’s another newsletter finished, I hope you all enjoyed reading through, expect lots more news and updates next month as some mods get closer to completion, thanks for reading.