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DXMP_DM_Morbias Map Update

DXMP_DM_Morbias has advanced yet again, this time to early beta stage. The skybox is now complete and in place, the smaller spawn rooms now have tweaked lighting (not quite final), and small platforms in the central area are now in place which gives the player quick access to the 2nd floor. Other changes include the addition of spotlights which sit high up above each column, and further changes to textures have been made, although the textures are still not finalised. I expect the next version to be a full beta1 version, this will include cabinets and bio/med bots, music and some sound fx and some other small cosmetic upgrades. Check out DXMP_DM_Morbias_EarlyBeta on Chinny’s Test Server.


DXMP_DM_Morbias has had many advancements since the last update, and now most of the brushwork is completed.  The map now has the three main spawn rooms in place which now have a lift/elevator in place (just up the steps) also a bridge connects the lift to the upper area.   The columns in the main central area have now been split into two smaller ones placed on top one another, this is so I can have two different textures, one for each floor. Two small spawn rooms are now placed on the upper section, these are still early in development, once complete there will be three in total and they will each have their own coloured theme to help the player get his/her bearings. The next update will be the beta 1 release, this version will have a skybox, major (although not final) lighting tweaks, two small platforms in the central area which give the player quick access to the second floor, and more finalised textures in place as well as an overall more detailed look. Check out DXMP_DM_Morbias_Early3 on Chinny’s Test Server.

Shot0000 Shot0002 Shot0001

DXMP_DM_Morbias gets further development after the first update last week. Since the very early update before, I have added the pillars in the central round area and have added the early parts of the spotlight mounts above the pillars. I’ve added steps in the room leading off from the main central area, these steps will lead up to an elevator/lift platform which will grant you access to the second floor.  I am currently messing around with textures too and you’ll notice all of the map now is textured although these are far from final as I am seeing which textures work and which do not. My next step is to complete the large spawn rooms and duplicate them, and also to add smaller spawn rooms on the second floor, this will complete the basic layout of the map. I will also further experiment with textures as the map gets ever closer to being final.  I am hosting this map in a small rotation (with other new and beta maps)  if anyone is interested in checking it out, look for it in “Chinny’s Test Server”. Expect more updates very soon, current screenshots below.

Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0000

DXMP_DM_Morbias is my latest Deus Ex multiplayer fight map, which will be based on the original from unreal Tournament’99 but will be heavily modified to my style. So far I have the basic outline complete for the main central area and I have begun to add a section that tails off from the main circular area. There will be two or three of these tails leading off the main section which will give the player access to the upper area and also will double up as a spawn area. I am currently hosting this map in a small rotation if anyone is interested in checking it out, look for it in “Chinny’s Test Server”. Expect more updates soon, extremely early screenshots below.

Shot0004 Shot0003 Shot0002 Shot0001


DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by myself which improves on the original. DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 has slight changes in layout in the interior section, the old spawn room has been shrunken in favour of enlarging the adjacent room which becomes the new spawn area. One of the exterior spawn points is now moved to the small elevated section, and the space left by moving the old weapon board placements now is home to a newly placed ventilation shaft. Another spawn has been moved slightly to offer the players more cover, all in all three of the four spawn points have been changed. Every archway in the map now has a wooden frame, and there are numerous wooden supports that adorn the exterior, these give the map more character. Many more strip lights can now be found in the interior sections, these are newly designed and textured. The “edging borders” now come in two textures one for the inside and one for the outside areas, and I’ve added new lights underneath the outside archways.

Other changes include a second support to the main stairway, a newly designed elevated section with new wooden trim, newly designed weapon boards, new simplified wooden crates, new rounded style “windows”, two medbots, newly located biobots, TNT crates, cabinets with goodies, and the old square look to the main building now has rounded edges throughout. DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 is recommended for 8-12 players, but has as many as 16 playerstarts from four spawn points.

Download DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 here

DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 01 DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 05 DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 03 DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 04 DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 02

DXMP_Pool_v3 Public Release

DXMP_Pool_v3 is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by myself which improves on earlier versions. DXMP_Pool_v3 now features a glass roof which covers the small pool, this glass can be shot at and you can even stand on top of it with some strategic crate stacking. The old brushwork style toilets have been replaced with Deus Ex decoration ones, the lockers have some more detail, the ceiling lights are now strip lights instead of a flat texture. The weapon boards have been redesigned, and there are far more curvier brushes throughout the map. Other changes include the addition of new decorative items such as wooden seating and newly designed pool loungers, there’s also biobots, cabinets, a medical bot, and lots of crates. Major changes are the introduction of small spawn rooms and a redesign of one end of the map, DXMP_Pool_v3 is recommended for 8-12 players, but has as many as 16 playerstarts from five spawn rooms.

Download DXMP_Pool_v3 here

DXMP_Pool_v3 01 DXMP_Pool_v3 02 DXMP_Pool_v3 03 DXMP_Pool_v3 04 DXMP_Pool_v3 05

Here is the prefinal release of DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, an update to the 2011 original. Since the last update I have advanced the map enough to be happy with it and hopefully the map is in its finished state. New updates include adding many more wall lights, adding crates including some explodable TNT, added new styled weapon boards, added a few cabinets with goodies, the addition of a newly placed “quick exit” short vent, new small exterior lights under archways, newly designed exterior “windows” and I have finalised the lighting throughout the indoor and outdoor sections.

Download DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2_Prefinal here

Shot0000 Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0003 Shot0004 Shot0005 Shot0006

Here are the latest shots of DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2. Changes since the last update include the addition of wooden “borders” that give the exterior area a more detailed look. Also added throughout the map are wooden frames that adorn the arches. I have now added biobots and medical bots to the map, now two “free” medical bots are available for the player to use.  I’ve started to add the new basic style boxes to the map and the edging which can be seen along the top and bottom of the walls throughout are now in place. Expect another update soon as it reaches ever closer to completion.

Shot0001 Shot0000 Shot0002

Here is a list of all the Deus Ex fight maps that I have released in 2013, this includes prefinal versions which are not quite 100% finalised. Further below are the plans for future maps due for release in 2014, some of which currently exist others have still yet to be started.


Chinny’s Maps 2013


1. DXMP_Pool_v2

Release Date: 1st January 2013

This was the very first map of mine that received an upgrade, and has since had a further one. There were many changes with this map when compared to the original that was released back in the middle of 2011. The most apparent change is the map’s focus on zero augs only gameplay, gone are the biobots, biocells and cabinets in favour of a raw zero aug fight map style. Other changes include taking out alot of white textures from the central areas to make the map easier on the eye, a new skybox, slightly altered lighting, as well as various cleaning up of certain small things that improve the overall map quality.

 Download DXMP_Pool_v2 here

Shot0002-1 Shot0000 Shot0001-1


2. DXMP_Stalwart

Release Date: 1st January 2013

DXMP_Stalwart is a medium sized Deus Ex multiplayer fight map which features four main “hubs”. These hubs have lots of intertwining routes between one another, and so if the action gets too intense the player can duck out by finding a near by “escape” route, fights can then be chosen to some degree. The map has all the usual Deus Ex goodies such as biobots, medbots, locked cabinets with pickups, and vents. However, the map also has spilled over toxic waste barrels which give the player toxic damage should he or she step in the green goo. Also featured are explodable barrels which you can shoot if you find yourself in a tight spot, or perhaps you are luring in an enemy to his or her death. These two elements help give the map more of an interactive feel.

Download DXMP_Stalwart here

DXMP_Stalwart02 DXMP_Stalwart04 DXMP_Stalwart05 Shot0000 Shot0001 Shot0003Shot0000


3. DXMP_Snow_v2

Release Date: 5th February 2013

The second map to receive the v2 treatment was DXMP_Snow, I was never quite happy with the original map, it was one of the five maps that I made in record quick time back in 2011. The lighting was where I wanted to concentrate most of my efforts with this v2 and so I gave the map much more atmosphere through darker lighting which uses darker hues of blue, along with darker floor textures. I also added an improved skybox which aids with the new atmosphere of the map. The other main change with the map is the introduction of a third manhole in the centre of the map, this gives the player an extra entrance/exit point to the underground section which improves the chances of remaining undetected. As an added bonus the underground segment now has a free medbot to heal health as an extra incentive to frequent. Along with the changes mentioned already there were numerous small changes applied to the map which help to enhance it’s quality.

Download DXMP_Snow_v2 here

Shot0003_zpsd0811db9 Shot0001_zps9309de7e Shot0002_zps5939ae23Shot0004_zps027177e4


4. DXMP_Peak

Release Date: 10th October 2013

DXMP_Peak is a very different style of fight map to what I would usually go for and I believe I have given the map justice with my final version. Peak’s setting is a castle like building set on top of an extremely sharp rising “mountain” like feature. The building has five floors in total, two lifts/elevators will get you between floors three and four, and four and five, also two staircases will give you access between floors one and two and also two and three. In addition there are outer walkways that circle the perimeter of the building that will allow you to access every floor, it’s less confusing then it sounds, trust me!

The map flows well due to it’s easy navigation between each floor with multiple routes on option. A cheeky vent placement on the second floor gives you a quick escape option if needed there is also easy outside access on the third floor thanks to two large openings, all in all you are never short of options to get to the next area, often two or three exits point options are the norm here.

Download DXMP_Peak here


DXMP_Peak, a five storey, mayhem inducing fight map, set in the middle of nowhere.

Shot0002 Shot0003 Shot0004 Shot0005 Shot0006 Shot0007 Shot0008 Shot0009 Shot0010 Shot0011Shot0001


5. DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal

Release Date: 6th December 2013

DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal is very close to it’s final finished version and is an upgraded version of DXMP_Pool_v2 released at the very start of 2013. There are many changes when compared to v2, the main difference is the rounder appearance which is found throughout the map. The map has slightly different arrangements too and now has a “skylight” that traces the perimeter of the map. Other big changes are the addition of a glass roof which can be shot out and the addition of a handy medical bot for healing. Smaller changes include new fluorescent style strip lights, the weapon boards have a rounder look, and the lockers have slightly more detail.

Download DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal here

DXMP_Pool_v3_PrefinalDXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (3) DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (4)DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (2)


6. DXMP_Amon_Prefinal

Release Date: 25th December 2013 (initial beta release 27th July 2013)

DXMP_Amon_Prefinal is in its final stages of development, this map is quite unusual as far as it’s one that I’ve been working on and off for the best part of a year! It finally reached Prefinal status on Christmas Day, 2013, although it still needs a little work it’s 99.5% of the way to completion. The map is quite open really although there are some spots that you can get away from the main action like utilising the upper walkways for instance. There are four spawnrooms in all that are all located around the perimeter of the map on three different levels.

Download DXMP_Amon_Prefinal here

DXMP_Amon (2)DXMP_Amon (8)DXMP_Amon (4)DXMP_AmonDXMP_Amon (5)DXMP_Amon (7)DXMP_Amon (6)DXMP_Amon (3)


Chinny’s Maps 2014


1. WW2_Stalkyard

Expected Release Date: January 2014

This map is an edited version of DXMP_Stalkyard for use with the WW2 mod, there are many changes to the style and lighting of the environment. I may also add some WW2 vehicles to the map using Fuhrpark models.

Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0000


2. DXMP_Pool_v3

Expected Release Date: Before end of February 2014

I will release the final version of DXMP_Pool_v3 sometime in the first eight weeks of 2014.


3. DXMP_Amon

Expected Release Date: Before end of February 2014

I will expect to release the final version of DXMP_Amon once again sometime within the first eight weeks of 2014.


4. DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2

Expected Release Date: Prefinal release before end of February 2014

Progress on DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 is going very well, I will be looking to release this map in prefinal form very early in 2014.

mini mini (2) mini (3) Shot0000


5. DXMP_DM_Morbias

Expected Release Date: Quarter 2 of 2014

This map has already two versions for Deus Ex multiplayer, but even still I will go ahead making my own version which will be a 50% homage to the UT ’99 version and 50% my own interpretation.


6. DXMP_Stalkyard_v2

Expected Release Date: Middle of 2014

The plan is to upgrade DXMP_Stalkyard to a second version which will see improvements in visuals.


7. DXMP_August_Moon

Expected Release Date: Quarter 3of 2014

A small map that has two levels and four main rooms, expect a detailed and fast flowing map sometime in the future.


8. Other Potential Maps

Aside from those listed above there are other maps that I could potentially work on in 2014, these include v2 versions of Dressing Room and Bound. Or perhaps revisiting old maps such as Encounter, Sector 33, Desert Strike and Titan.



DXMP_Amon_Prefinal release

Here is the long overdue release of DXMP_Amon_Prefinal just in time for Christmas! Many small enhancements have been made since the first beta was released some time ago. These enhancements include the following;

  • Added new sound effects to many movers and light fittings
  • Fixed a number of  corona light errors 
  • Added ankle high water which floods the lower area
  • Added various containers including some explodable TNT crates
  • Added rough “mountain like” terrain on upper portions of the map
  • Added a custom skybox with a red atmosphere
  • Finalised the lighting throughout the map
  • Added custom made vent covers
  • Added foliage which hangs down from several points
  • Added wall detail throughout map
  • Added auto turret and computer console
  • Added red light and fan combination in both of the elevator/lift shafts
  • Zoned off top areas of the map

Download DXMP_Amon_Prefinal here

DXMP_Amon (2)DXMP_Amon (8)DXMP_Amon (4)DXMP_AmonDXMP_Amon (5)DXMP_Amon (7)DXMP_Amon (6)DXMP_Amon (3)