Welcome to the June edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. The Deus Ex news this month sees no news at all for the Deus Ex: Revision, which still has no new release date, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod returns from the dead, Hatchet Mod goes full steam ahead and the Gamespy servers closure is delayed.


 Gamespy closure now taking place some time in June!


The closure of the Gamespy  masterserver which will bring about the end to many classic (and not so classic) multiplayer games, including our beloved Deus Ex, has been delayed from 31st May to some time in June (possibly the end of the month). The community however refuse to call it a day and have come up with a number of “fixes” which allow the player to continue playing in online servers, expect to see these in next month’s newsletter.


No Deus Ex: Revision updates this month!


The long awaited release for Deus Ex: Revision continues this month with no updates whatsoever. The last firm release we had was from two months back slating a date of  May 12, 2014. This release date was since canned last month for a potential summer or fall release. For the first time in a long time, there are zero updates on the mod this month, and so speculation continues on the state of affairs at Caustic Creative. Expect some news next month after this lengthy silence!


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod lives on

This month sees the return of Lurker’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod after about a year of inactivity. We have just the one screenshot to show off this month, which shows the front of the Stalker Shop. This early shot teases the Stalker Shop which is said to work like bars in the original Stalker games. There is said to be a barman or shopkeeper inside, and the player will be able to talk to the shopkeeper, trade weapons, items and goods. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another year for the next update!




Prototype releases his custom consumables for testing

Protoype has publicly released a number of his consumable items for testing purposes, these items are all drinks which include many brand names and also Egypt and Hellsing Soda.  Check out the download lnk below, which comes complete with a readme file.






My Latest Work

This month I have updated two remake maps, DXMP_Iceworld_Remake and DXMP_Dust_Remake, screenshots below. I expect to release these maps, along with a couple others over the next few months.

Shot0003 Shot0004Shot0001Shot0000Shot0002



Hatchet mod development speeds up


Hatchet sees lots of updates this month as development once again goes into warp drive. Updates include refining the gore system, fully modeled 12 Gauge Burst Fire Shotgun and .50 Doubled Sniper as well as many other tweaks and updates. The latest screenshots and videos below.

Heavy Weapons Demonstration – Mod DB

Twelve Gauge Burst Demonstration – Mod DB

DoubleSniperMadness Hatchet_2014-04-06_09-45-55-27 DoubledSniperPickup OrderSniperBlueprintV4 TrenchKatPickupPreview Hatchet_2014-04-11_12-30-45-86



Mikak experiments with some models

Mikak has been busy creating models for Deus Ex, the picture below shows how these models look in game. These awesome models include a truck, a forklift, some sort of a transport and many decorative pallets and containers.



 That brings the close to  another newsletter, hoping to see you again next month, thank you for reading!