Welcome to the May edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This month sees the one year anniversary of the birth of the newsletter! The Deus Ex news this month sees yet another delay and no new release date for Deus Ex: Revision, Project Tarsus gets back on track after many months with no signs of life and Hatchet mod has a very productive month.


Deus Ex: Revision Release Delayed Yet Again!


The long awaited release date for Deus Ex: Revision that was announced last month by Caustic Creative, which stated a release on May 12, 2014, has once again not been met. This time however we have no new release date and so the final release could well be sometime this summer or perhaps fall! Last month’s extended date was said to give the team the chance to release a mod that they are happy with rather then rush something out that will require immediate fixes. Clearly now they have realised that they didn’t give themselves enough time and are now learning not to give definitive release dates until they actually might be able to keep to them.

Semi-final playtests are said to have being going on for the last few weeks and so it’s clear the mod isn’t yet close to final, and I think it’s wise to withhold a release date until they are playtesting a final v1.0 build. Expect more news next month, for now here’s a video entitled “Engineering Revision”.

Engineering Revision – Mod DB



Project Tarsus Author gets bored of Skyrim and GTA 5


The latest news from Project Tarsus is that the author is finally able to put down Skyrim and GTA 5 and continue to develop his awesome Deus Ex mod (although admittedly we don’t yet know how far his obsession with Goat Simulator really goes!). We have a number of new screenshots this month as seen below.

Order-Be-Praised Truck_Stop Canal_Lights Storage Heli-Bay ENBLighting


My Latest Work

This month I have worked on a number of maps as one last hurrah for Deus Ex multiplayer ahead of Gamespy’s closure on 31st May. I am currently hosting a server that features these maps along with others I have made over the last two years, look for Chinny’s Apocalypse 0 Augs Server.  Three of the four maps below are remakes of classic DXMP maps, screenshots below.

Shot0001_zps50f5ef9e Shot0003_zpsab10b6fa Shot0006_zpsa08b9b40 Shot0007_zpsa74a7559 Shot0005_zpsbf6a6c6e Shot0001_zps1e49b6df Shot0001_zpsa155d8c8 Shot0002_zps5af23292


Hatchet mod development speeds up


Hatchet sees lots of updates this month as development once again goes into warp drive. Updates include refining the gore system, fully modeled 12 Gauge Burst Fire Shotgun and .50 Doubled Sniper as well as many other tweaks and updates. The latest screenshots and videos below.

Heavy Weapons Demonstration – Mod DB

Twelve Gauge Burst Demonstration – Mod DB

DoubleSniperMadness Hatchet_2014-04-06_09-45-55-27 DoubledSniperPickup OrderSniperBlueprintV4 TrenchKatPickupPreview Hatchet_2014-04-11_12-30-45-86



GMDX v5 Hot Fix 2 Released


GMDX receives another patch up this month. This latest update fixes a major spawning error on the first Paris map. Simply copy the updated map file  into your Deus Ex maps folder and overwrite. the main GMDX v5 installer will be updated shortly to include the latest fix, but for now players should download this patch below. Further below are two GMDX videos, one shows off the improvements to Deus Ex’s augmentations system, the other displays improvements in enemy AI, enjoy.
GMDXv5: Hotfix_02

Augmented Augmentations – Mod DB

Improved Artificial Intelligence – Mod DB


 That brings the close to  another newsletter, hoping to see you again next month, thank you for reading!