Welcome to the April edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This month sees the shock announcement of GameSpy closing down it’s servers, Deus Ex: Revision finally gets a release date, and the Return of Denton gets explosive!


GameSpy Master servers closing down on May 31st!


The third-party online matchmaking client, GameSpy, is shutting down its services on May 31st. This means potentially 100’s of online games are under threat to being non-functional, Deus Ex included. It now comes down to publishers or the players themselves to create alternative arrangements to keep their online games alive. Expect updates on this next month as the Deus Ex community get their heads together to keep this great game online.


Deus Ex: Revision Release Date Finally Announced!


The long awaited release date for Deus Ex: Revision has been announced this month by Caustic Creative, the modification will release on May 12, 2014!  The extended date gives the team the chance to release a mod that they are happy with rather then rush something out that will require immediate fixes. The v1.0 release will be packaged with the Deus Ex: New Vision mod (a single installer), with the aim to  simplify the process of getting the two mods to work along side one another.

Currently work is still going on with environments and music scores, so there’s a possible chance that the mod could slip further into the year, however Caustic Creative are currently recruiting play testers.  Below are a plethora of screenshots that have surfaced this month.


Multiple textures for the many computers found in Deus Ex: Revision, including the dreaded blue screen of death!


Everett’s apartment gets a much needed upgrade.



Some very creepy looking service tunnels in the Vandenberg Air Force Base.





Deus Ex: Return Of Denton allows you to use a grenade launcher!

This month is all about the weapons for the Deus Ex: Return Of Denton mod, among the screenshots (below) you can see a very nice grenade launcher! This powerful weapon is said to have three to four rounds and will work in a similar fashion to the LAW, (the image doesn’t represent the final quality). The second image shows the blowtorch (as featured last month) as seen in game, the final image displays two more carcasses to join the others as seen in last month’s newsletter.


Grenade Launcher in Deus Ex? Oh go on then…


Expect to see this guy’s torso somewhere in the near vicinity.


The blowtorch looking good in game.


Deus Ex: Apocalypse new screenshot


The latest screenshot from the Deus Ex: Apocalypse mod shows a winter scene in Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown Manhattan.  Keen eyes will spot the altered environment,  added skybox, extra roof detail, and smoke effects.


The first of two Hell’s Kitchen missions.


My Latest Work

This month I have worked exclusively on DXMP_DM_Morbias which will be based on the original from Unreal Tournament’99 but will be heavily modified to my style. Most of the brushwork is completed,  the next update will be the beta 1 release, which will have a skybox, major (although not final) lighting tweaks, two small platforms in the central area which give the player quick access to the second floor, and more finalised textures in place as well as an overall more detailed look. You can check my latest maps online, look for Chinny’s Test Server, latest screenshots below.

Shot0000 Shot0002 Shot0001


Deranged Mod looking for artists


The long in development futuristic mod is currently looking for artists who can “make graffiti pieces or mural art either in photoshop or drawn by hand and scanned”. These pieces will be used throughout Deranged’s large city environment. The artwork is said to need “a transparent background and be at least 512 pixels large”. Contact the authorhere


Hengsha City RPG Back online in time for Summer


Hengsha City RPG online mod is planned to be back online in May. With its return sees many new features added including drivable and flyable vehicles, the Human Revolution style consumable items and improved intelligent cameras and security systems. Below are some of the Human Revolution style consumables as seen in game, work by Prototype.

Painkillers_zpsdf332709 PraxisKit_zpsa16da512  JarAndBar_zpsdd5a80faCyberBoostPack_zps7351f05b



GMDX v5 Patch 1 Released


GMDX receives a patch for fifth version. This latest patch update  fixes a potential game crashing bug which could occur on the  last level. If you are new to GMDX you do not need to download the patch as the GMDX v5 full version file has this patch integrated. Download the latest patch here


Other Community Maps

Below are early shots of a map currently in development by Scream.

Shot0038 Shot0037 Shot0036


Another early map in development, this time by Toxsy, screens below.


Shot0002 Shot0000

That brings the close to yet another newsletter, hoping to see you again in thirty or so day’s time, thank you for reading, and I wish you a happy Easter!