DXMP_DM_Morbias has had many advancements since the last update, and now most of the brushwork is completed.  The map now has the three main spawn rooms in place which now have a lift/elevator in place (just up the steps) also a bridge connects the lift to the upper area.   The columns in the main central area have now been split into two smaller ones placed on top one another, this is so I can have two different textures, one for each floor. Two small spawn rooms are now placed on the upper section, these are still early in development, once complete there will be three in total and they will each have their own coloured theme to help the player get his/her bearings. The next update will be the beta 1 release, this version will have a skybox, major (although not final) lighting tweaks, two small platforms in the central area which give the player quick access to the second floor, and more finalised textures in place as well as an overall more detailed look. Check out DXMP_DM_Morbias_Early3 on Chinny’s Test Server.

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