DXMP_DM_Morbias gets further development after the first update last week. Since the very early update before, I have added the pillars in the central round area and have added the early parts of the spotlight mounts above the pillars. I’ve added steps in the room leading off from the main central area, these steps will lead up to an elevator/lift platform which will grant you access to the second floor.  I am currently messing around with textures too and you’ll notice all of the map now is textured although these are far from final as I am seeing which textures work and which do not. My next step is to complete the large spawn rooms and duplicate them, and also to add smaller spawn rooms on the second floor, this will complete the basic layout of the map. I will also further experiment with textures as the map gets ever closer to being final.  I am hosting this map in a small rotation (with other new and beta maps)  if anyone is interested in checking it out, look for it in “Chinny’s Test Server”. Expect more updates very soon, current screenshots below.

Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0000