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DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by myself which improves on the original. DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 has slight changes in layout in the interior section, the old spawn room has been shrunken in favour of enlarging the adjacent room which becomes the new spawn area. One of the exterior spawn points is now moved to the small elevated section, and the space left by moving the old weapon board placements now is home to a newly placed ventilation shaft. Another spawn has been moved slightly to offer the players more cover, all in all three of the four spawn points have been changed. Every archway in the map now has a wooden frame, and there are numerous wooden supports that adorn the exterior, these give the map more character. Many more strip lights can now be found in the interior sections, these are newly designed and textured. The “edging borders” now come in two textures one for the inside and one for the outside areas, and I’ve added new lights underneath the outside archways.

Other changes include a second support to the main stairway, a newly designed elevated section with new wooden trim, newly designed weapon boards, new simplified wooden crates, new rounded style “windows”, two medbots, newly located biobots, TNT crates, cabinets with goodies, and the old square look to the main building now has rounded edges throughout. DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 is recommended for 8-12 players, but has as many as 16 playerstarts from four spawn points.

Download DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 here

DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 01 DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 05 DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 03 DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 04 DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 02

DXMP_Pool_v3 Public Release

DXMP_Pool_v3 is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by myself which improves on earlier versions. DXMP_Pool_v3 now features a glass roof which covers the small pool, this glass can be shot at and you can even stand on top of it with some strategic crate stacking. The old brushwork style toilets have been replaced with Deus Ex decoration ones, the lockers have some more detail, the ceiling lights are now strip lights instead of a flat texture. The weapon boards have been redesigned, and there are far more curvier brushes throughout the map. Other changes include the addition of new decorative items such as wooden seating and newly designed pool loungers, there’s also biobots, cabinets, a medical bot, and lots of crates. Major changes are the introduction of small spawn rooms and a redesign of one end of the map, DXMP_Pool_v3 is recommended for 8-12 players, but has as many as 16 playerstarts from five spawn rooms.

Download DXMP_Pool_v3 here

DXMP_Pool_v3 01 DXMP_Pool_v3 02 DXMP_Pool_v3 03 DXMP_Pool_v3 04 DXMP_Pool_v3 05

DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by Lurker in August of 2011. It’s a heavily edited version of the default DXMP_Smuggler map, which has been shrunken to less than half its original size. The car park section is completely missing from this version and there are some freshly added new rooms to help tie in the joins from sections of the original map which are fused together seamlessly.

Download DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms here

DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms_02 DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms_01 DXMP_Smuggler_Rooms_03

Welcome to another edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This month sees Deus Ex: Revision’s release date get further pushed back, HDTP releases its third beta, Otchlan mod is set for a potential 2014 release, Face Town new screens,  Hatchet mod goes guns crazy (again), Terminus Machina has you eating birds and rats and lots more Deus Ex goodness besides.


Deus Ex: Revision gets new release date


The much anticipated  Deus Ex: Revision mod now has a release date of quarter one (Jan – Mar), so expect the release sometime in March, 2014. The original release date target was December, 2013 which then got pushed back to January, 2014 and now further into 2014.

The main reason for further pushing back the release date is to add polish and to eliminate any bugs within the game which is a very sensible standpoint to take. Soon the Caustic Creative team will be looking for additional play testers, only a very small number, to “give clear and critically thought-out feedback on their experience, comprehensively mark out issues and describe any bugs they may encounter”. The team is also looking to further develop their website (found here), and, as mentioned in earlier newsletters, there may be a limited run of  physical CD soundtrack albums after the digital release, depending on demand. This album will feature cover art from Erica Vasquez, whose portfolio includes this art work.


Here is the cover art for the digital release of Deus Ex: Revision’s soundtrack album. This will be launched through


One of the many new Datavault images – this one shows the map of the PRCS Wall Cloud, in the upper decks of the ship.


High Definition Texture Package (HDTP) Beta 3 Release


For those unfamiliar, Project HDTP is a High Definition Texture Package mod for Deus Ex. It replaces the low resolution textures with higher resolution counterparts. HDTP also replaces the weapons, vehicles, objects and character models with reworked high quality versions (including new unique character models and animations). This month beta 3 has been released, which can be found here, download all 3 packages and unzip them to their respective folders. Here’s a note from the authors at;

“NOTE: Character meshes default to “off”, so go to HDTP Settings and enable them if you wish, but be aware: the MJ12 trooper mesh is currently bugged, and has a shockingly high tendency to crash your game, so it is (sadly) advisable to leave them using the original mesh.”


Deus Ex multiplayer clan wars 

This month saw two matches between [FGS] (the longest running clan in Deus Ex multiplayer) vs Hivemind. The format was a zero aug configuration and “best of three”. The first showdown featured the maps DXMP_Smuggler and DXMP_Silo which saw Hivemind winning 2-0 thus no third map was played, shots and video below.


The rematch played the following week headed the same result, 2-0 to Hivemind, the maps played were DXMP_Smuggler and DXMP_CS-Office. It’s great to see such an old gaming community still have the ability to organise clan wars between clans and I would like to congratulate all involved.

Shot0023 Shot0024


My Latest Work

This month saw the release of the prefinal version of DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, an improved version of the Mini Dust map I made back in 2011. The map has had slight tweaks to the layout and has more detail when compared to the original version, there’s new weapon boards, steps, archways, lights, textures, boxes, windows, crates, cabinets, vent, wooden trim etc. Also improved is the lighting throughout, I have also made some improvements to the performance of the exterior areas. Also I have now setup a test server which I will throw on all my new maps, look out for Chinny’s Test Server.

Download DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2_Prefinal here

Shot0000 Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0003 Shot0004 Shot0005 Shot0006


Return of Denton updates

Return of Denton gets to grip with adding degradation to it’s environments to add more character and believability. Below are shots which show damaged floors and walls. Further shots below show other areas found in the mod.


2 3


Doing overtime at the offices of Scorp Corp.


Scorp Corp warehouse.


DXMP_Meditation_beta2 fight map by Anax

This is the latest version of DXMP_Meditation by Anax. This is a fight map for Deus Ex multiplayer and is compatible with both zero augs and augs gametypes. The map is set mostly outdoors and features an unusual daytime setting which is a rarity in Deus Ex multiplayer maps, screenshots and download link below.

Download DXMP_Meditation_beta2 here

1 (8) 1 1 (2) 1 (5) 1 (7)


Otchlan Mod video charts progress and hints to release date


A video has been released this month which displays the progress of the single player horror mod over the years since it’s inception. The short video shows alot of progress was made in 2013 and even hints at a 2014 release. The video can be viewed below.

Otchlan Mod Progress V2 2013/2014 – Mod DB


Hatchet mod goes weapon crazy


Weapons are very much the flavour of the month for the Hatchet mod. New weapons have been modeled and new animations have been added along with new mechanics and sounds. Only three guns are left to model, so far Hatchet mod features four handguns, six riles, three shotguns and an SMG. Below are three videos showcasing different weapons found in the Hatchet mod.

General Rifle Demonstration – Mod DB

Light Weapons Demonstration – Mod DB

12G Compact Shotgun Demonstration – Mod DB


“General” Rifle version two.




Face Designs projects, Face Town and Antarctica latest screenshots

FACE (the man responsible for mods such as Disclosure) has updated the community on two ongoing projects of his, the first being Face Town. Face Town is an online RPG mod that has been in the works, on and off,  for six years. The mod has many unique features and boasts a truly massive open world, I am currently in the process of writing a special feature on this mod so look out for this soon. Below are two random screenshots.

Denton Decisions

The second of the two online mods is Antarctica, not much is known about this mod, it is set in, you guessed it, Antarctica. Below are early screenshots of the mod, showing the main base building, expect more updates soon.

base3 base base2


Terminus Machina latest screenshots


Hackable satellites, Moonbase, edible birds and rats, and signal jammers are the focus this month for Terminus Machina.  Below are the latest screenshots which show those things mentioned above and also in editor shots of the latest work on the super secret hacktivist revolutionary headquarters.


Yummy! Birds can be eaten for the ultimate fast food experience.


Take that Amazon drone!


Awesome looking Moon textures.


A signal jammer..for jamming signals.

  KFVlO8L TexDemo2TMTPTest1.1


WW2 mod latest screenshots

Here is a collection of the latest shots of several maps in development found in the WW2 multiplayer mod including scenes from Stalingrad and Italy. The WW2 mod is currently being hosted, look out for the [WW2] War Server.

Shot0081 Shot0079 Shot0019 Shot0062 STALINGRAD1 Shot0021 Shot0080

Well that brings the close to another newsletter, hoping to see you again in a month’s time, thank you for reading!