Welcome to another edition of my Deus Ex newsletter. This newsletter is a bit late due to the crazy Christmas and new year period so apologies for my tardiness. I’d like to wish everybody a happy and healthy new year, there are plenty of amazing Deus Ex single player mods to look forward to in 2014 as well as many interesting multiplayer projects.

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last thirty days or so…


Deus Ex: Revision December updates


The Deus Ex: Revision team, Caustic Creative, have bolstered their development crew with the addition of CyberP. CyberP is the lead designer for excellent Deus Ex mod GMDX (http://www.moddb.com/mods/gmdx) that was released last year. He will bring to the table his level designing skills and will aid with enhancing Deus Ex: Revision’s environment’s gameplay and flow.

OST Cover Art News

Jerion (John French), the audio director whose task is to create Deus Ex: Revision’s soundtrack, has released a video with commentary. In the short video entitled “The Music of Revision” Jerion talks briefly about the process of creating the soundtrack with Logan. The final soundtrack is said to have around 100 pieces of music, the video can be viewed below.

The Music of Revision – Mod DB

And finally, we have some new screenshots to ponder upon below. Deus Ex: Revision is still currently slated for a January 2014 release although we will forgive them if this slides into February!.


A much more fortified version of the mini-submarine base.


The missile defense system used by the MJ12 to defend the Ocean Lab base, looks sturdy enough to me.


Deus Ex: Revision’s take on the Datavault images sees much higher resolution pictures with clearer details, these images are still subject to change.


World War II Deus Ex Multiplayer Mod gets further enhancements

World War 2 mod for Deus Ex multiplayer is having an update with new maps, updated code and tweaked weaponry. The complete mod features many WWII style weapons, maps, regenerating health, new infolink messages,  improved AI bots and drivable vehicles (thanks to Furpark mod for the brushes). This mod came about from an older, smaller mod called Code Zero. The mod offers “constant battle” between the Axis and the Allied forces regardless of how many players are in the server. The coder for the project, Poor, has updated WWII era weapons originally made by  Clyzm, he has also edited DXRV mod’s weapons, vehicles, smoke grenades and parachutes, with the added addition of new vehicles and soldiers  for use in multiplayer servers.

The mod features maps from six different members of the Deus Ex community, seven maps in total are currently being edited for use of drive-able vehicles and bot battles. Currently, environments  include cities, towns, deserts, bunkers and there are plans for other locals such as beaches, snow, jungles and “ostfront” maps with factories. The mod is constantly undergoing improvements and is currently hosted right now so anyone is free to join in on the action, look out for the ~–[WW2]—>War Server. Latest shots below of maps in development, and further below are finished maps that the mod currently uses.

Shot0001-1 Shot0002 Shot0000-1 Shot0003-2

Shot0003-3 Shot0000-2 Shot0006

Shot0033 Shot0003 Shot0070 Shot0038


My Latest Work

This month has been quite busy regarding my mapping for Deus Ex multiplayer, which saw two prefinal releases. I put my progress on DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 on hold to focus on getting out two other maps in time for Christmas and succeded (just!). The first of the two maps is DXMP_Pool_v3, this updated version has much rounder brushwork thoughout (when compared to version 2) and has new elements such as biobots and medbots, cabinets, breakable glass, new perimeter windows, new lighting and ambient sounds, pictures below.

Download DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal here

DXMP_Pool_v3_PrefinalDXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (3)  DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (4)DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (2)

The second of the two maps is DXMP_Amon_Prefinal, a multiplayer fight map I’ve been working on and off for over half a year now. This map is fairly open and features four different levels, the map has lots of interesting light effects such as multi-coloured corona effects. The map has many ramps and two elevators that keep the action fast and flowing, there are four spawn rooms altogether and the map has all the usual Deus Ex goodness thrown in.

Download DXMP_Amon_Prefinal here

DXMP_Amon (2)DXMP_Amon (8)DXMP_Amon (4)DXMP_AmonDXMP_Amon (5)DXMP_Amon (7)DXMP_Amon (6)DXMP_Amon (3)


Return of Denton updates

Return of Denton continues development this month with mapping for the Hilton Hotel going well. The author, AlvinD, will focus next on NPCs, scripting, decoration and weapons. Below are three of the latest screenshots.

20131208-185858 20131208-185915 20131208-185922


 Biomod added support


Biomod, orignally released early 2011, will now be updated for the purpose of being compatible with other Deus Ex mods such  as Shifter 1.9 and HDTP. There are also plans to add an option to enable Shifter’s skill system as well as other bug fixes. The author of Biomod, Clorf, is waiting for the full Shifter 1.9 mod release as he mentions the difficulties he ran into when updating Biomod for use with the beta version of Shifter mod previously. Expect updates on this over the next few months, for now here’s a video of the excellent mod that is Biomod just to refresh your memories, or for those unfamiliar.


Hatchet mod updates


It’s been an usually slow month of progress for the Hatchet mod in December (although totally understandable given the crazy nature of that particular month), only a few minor updates have been made including some coding advancements, minor modeling and some bug fixes. We do have one screenshot to show off however, below is the 12 gauge compact Shotgun.


Hatchet mod closes in on it’s target number of weapons with five more to model.


Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside aims for Grand Theft Auto style gameplay


This month Tantalus Denton, the guy behind Deus Ex: Apocalypse gives us two early screenshots of the progress of Manhattan. The goal is to have a city hub style of map, which includes a newly designed Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square and Midtown Manhattan. Also this map is said to be “more of a freeroam GTA style map on a scale not too insane for Deus Ex”.  Expect more updates soon.

Shot0104 Shot0105


Fan Media of the month

Here is a collection of random art work, videos and screenshots that caught my eye this month.

6910_screenshots_2013-02-15_00011  6910_screenshots_2013-11-30_00006 6910_screenshots_2013-12-03_00001 6910_screenshots_2013-02-28_00001

Well another month goes by, once again apologies for the lateness, see you (hopefully this time) again on the 1st of Feb!