Here is the long overdue release of DXMP_Amon_Prefinal just in time for Christmas! Many small enhancements have been made since the first beta was released some time ago. These enhancements include the following;

  • Added new sound effects to many movers and light fittings
  • Fixed a number of  corona light errors 
  • Added ankle high water which floods the lower area
  • Added various containers including some explodable TNT crates
  • Added rough “mountain like” terrain on upper portions of the map
  • Added a custom skybox with a red atmosphere
  • Finalised the lighting throughout the map
  • Added custom made vent covers
  • Added foliage which hangs down from several points
  • Added wall detail throughout map
  • Added auto turret and computer console
  • Added red light and fan combination in both of the elevator/lift shafts
  • Zoned off top areas of the map

Download DXMP_Amon_Prefinal here

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