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DXMP_Amon_Prefinal release

Here is the long overdue release of DXMP_Amon_Prefinal just in time for Christmas! Many small enhancements have been made since the first beta was released some time ago. These enhancements include the following;

  • Added new sound effects to many movers and light fittings
  • Fixed a number of  corona light errors 
  • Added ankle high water which floods the lower area
  • Added various containers including some explodable TNT crates
  • Added rough “mountain like” terrain on upper portions of the map
  • Added a custom skybox with a red atmosphere
  • Finalised the lighting throughout the map
  • Added custom made vent covers
  • Added foliage which hangs down from several points
  • Added wall detail throughout map
  • Added auto turret and computer console
  • Added red light and fan combination in both of the elevator/lift shafts
  • Zoned off top areas of the map

Download DXMP_Amon_Prefinal here

DXMP_Amon (2)DXMP_Amon (8)DXMP_Amon (4)DXMP_AmonDXMP_Amon (5)DXMP_Amon (7)DXMP_Amon (6)DXMP_Amon (3)

Hardcore DX Mod

Hardcore DX Mod

Release Date: Released June 3rd, 2003

Developed By: HardCoreDX Developers

Contact Details:

Official Site: … deusexmods


Download Hardcore DX here

Main features of the mod:

Game difficulties replaced with different game styles starting from a classic Deus Ex and ending with a classic hardcore first-person shooter. These game styles have different settings for the player, AI, inventory, augmentations, skills, HUD, music, etc. The most noticeable changes were made in so-called “Unrealistic” game style which features a brand new HUD, weapon selection method (very similar to one used in Half-Life), ability to carry every weapon and equipment at once, the llack of classic augmentations, skills and armors and the presence of the most advanced AI.

New Multiplayer for Deus Ex with bots. The mod features a completely overhauled multiplayer. With this new multiplayer you can play online matches again players and bots and offline matches with bots. The following games are available: DM, TDM, KTL and LMS. The KTL game (Kill the Leader) features unique game type which partially based on CTF game, but has different objectives and game tactics. While the new multiplayer has a moderate UT feeling it still has a strong Deus Ex feeling: you play DM games against bots which looks like and named like the characters from the singleplayer game and they’re use “taunts” you’ve heard in the singleplayer game. The first version of the mod shipped with 4 multiplayer maps and now the mod includes about 25 maps (most of them were made by Veronika).

Weapons. A good first-person shooter is nothing without cool and deadly weaponry. And in this field the mod features a complete overhaul of the default weapons used in game. All weapons have alternative firing mod which is partially based on the “Altfire” mod released in the beginning of 2002. Several weapons has unique features such as: real semi-automatic fire; alternative ammunition for the alternative firing mode; ability to throw the Dragoon’s Tooth sword as a kind of Jedi’s light saber; the ability of switching between automatic, burst and semi-automatic firing modes; use the prod as an energy shield; rail guns which can shoot through the walls; fire napalm canisters with the flamethrower; submachine gun with under-barrel shotgun and so on. The mod also features so-called mounted machineguns you can find nearly in all FPS games.

Augmentations were also heavily reworked and the majority of them drain energy only when actually used. Moreover the mod features unique augmentations such as Levitation, Hologram System, Teleporting, Telekinesis, Slow Time, Equipment Recharger and Electricity Attack System.

AI was also heavily modified to keep the balance with the improved weaponry. The modified AI has faster reactions, can use the alternative firing mod and uses it smartly, some of the characters can communicate and call for help, retreat, take cover, calculate the relative strength of the actual enemy. Some of the enemies can avoid aiming, projectiles and can track with the GEP Gun. There are also about 10 types of NPCs. On every map there are a lot of new enemies and allies spawned and nearly all NPC has a randomized inventory so you will never know what they have. So be prepared for surprises, new boss fights, ambushes, etc. Also be prepared to get new friends in a form of a controllable cyborg dogs and spider bots.

Pickups. Most of the armors work like classic rechargeable armors now and other pickups were also reworked to improve their usability (can be turned on and off) .

A lot of small but useful changes and fixes such as: automatic weapon and item pickup like in classic FPS games (can be turned off); automatic recharges with bioelectric cells; ability to scramble turrets with scramble grenade; double air jumping; the ability to use the key ring as a weapon and so on…

The mod ships with installer and a very detailed documentation which covers nearly every new features and other aspects of the game.

DXMP_SillyFortress is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by Snakey, in May of 2011. This map is like no other map I ever seen and feels like several maps pieced together, it’s quite something and I like to describe it as a wonderful mess. The map is very large and weighs in at nearly eight megabytes, you can see Snakey drew inspiration from other maps and some locations are suspiciously familiar.

DXMP_SillyFortress has four main areas with numerous connecting paths between them, there are thirty playerstarts and six spawn points in all.

Download DXMP_SillyFortress here

DXMP_Silly_Fortress3 DXMP_Silly_Fortress DXMP_Silly_Fortress2 Shot0001 Shot0000 Shot0002

Here is the pre-final release version of DXMP_Pool_v3, the purpose of this release is to test the map for performance and for any errors. Since the last update I have added in benches, biobots, cabinets, lockpicks, biocells and multitools. I have also added many ambient sounds and the map has zone portals, finally, the lighting has been tweaked also.

Download DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal here

DXMP_Pool_v3_PrefinalDXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (3)  DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (4)DXMP_Pool_v3_Prefinal (2)

Welcome to my Deus Ex newsletter, December edition, 2013. The last newsletter of 2013 is the seventh newsletter overall, which means this has been going on for over half a year now, I’d like to thank those of the Deus Ex community that have thrown links, images and heads ups along the way, as well as those that have promoted the newsletter, cheers! I’d also like to quickly wish you guys a happy Christmas/holiday season.  If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, catch me on steam (chinesedemocracy677), or email me at

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last thirty days…


Deus Ex: Revision release date runs into next year


Recently it has become apparent that the updates for Deus Ex: Revision were becoming somewhat sparse, and so it comes as no surprise when Caustic Creative, the team behind Deus Ex: Revision, announced that the new release date target will now run into the next year, 2014. However what is surprising is that we are talking barely into 2014 as the new target date is a very close-by “last half of January”. To coincide with the mod’s release, the team are planning to release the official OST (original soundtrack) album , Caustic Creative are even considering producing a limited run of physical disc copies too. Below are the latest screenshots of areas from the Ocean Lab environment.

Greasel_Lab RevisionOCNew OceanLab_Excavations Ocean_Lab_CMD_Centre_2


Hatchet mod Weapon updates


Weapons are very much the flavour of the month for Hatchet this month. Lots of new meshes have been completed, below is a video with commentary which shows off the Assault Rifle along with the “shoot down sight” mechanic and the reloading animation which I think looks great 🙂

Assault Rifle #1 Demonstration – Mod DB

Assault Rifle #1 Pickup PreviewFlashlight Pickup Meshes

Folding Double Sniper V3

Below are two more videos that show the Carbine and the HnK M460 in all their glory.

Carbine Demonstration – Mod DB

HnK M460 Demonstration. – Mod DB


Deus Ex: Return of Denton latest screenshots

Several new screenshots have come to light this month for the single player Deus Ex mod, these are posted below.


The headquarters of  ScorpCorp, set to feature in one of ROD’s side missions.

MODDBROD2 20131101-220259 20131103-204745 20131103-203145


My Latest work

I‘ve been working on two maps recently, DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 and DXMP_Pool_v3 (shots below). I expect to have the prefinal version of DXMP_Pool_v3 ready for release in early December, also expect the prefinal of an older map,  DXMP_Amon,  soon after.

mini mini (2) mini (3) Shot0000




Fan Media of the month

Here is a collection of random art work, videos and screenshots that caught my eye this month.

7  43

Well that covers yet another month, a short newsletter this time around, see you in the new year!