DXMP_Pool_v3 has made decent progress since last week’s update, the map is mostly complete now and I expect to have the pre final version ready for release in early December for beta testing.  There are stark differences between this version and the last, the most apparent difference is the use of glass, the maps perimeter now has a glass surround close to the ceiling, and the small pool area now has a large glass roof/cover which can be shot at and broken with a satisfying shower of glass and noise to follow.

I‘ve replaced the bland ceiling lights with fluorescent style strip lights which use different lighting temperatures, the weapon boards have a rounder look as do the new toilet doors. The lockers go from bland to a more detailed look,  and I’ve replaced the old pool side lounges with newer versions. Even the toilet roll gets an upgrade! Next I will add in biobots, cabinets, lockpicks, biocells and multitools, also I will add ambient sounds and I will need to add zone portals to the map to aid performance.


A more detailed version of Pool sees many upgrades.


New lighting gives the map a different atmosphere.


Map will need testing to make sure the frame rate is sufficient, I may yet have to take out the spare toilet rolls!