Recently I’ve been working on two maps – DXMP_Amon (Beta 1 available here – and DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, currently I am putting these two maps on hold for a short period to work on DXMP_Pool_v3 as it has recently come to light that a problem with the map exists and needs fixing.

Work on this map will be fairly rapid as I want this map released asap to rectify the texture related error that exists on the previous version.  Since my last update I have added many more walls to the map and I have included the large pool, with a new edging, style and depth. The map now has many curves in place and is noticeably rounder then the older version. Next I will concentrate on map decoration such as lockers, out of bounds doors, weapon boards, biobots, cabinets and toilets!


The new rounder pool with the new edging, expect items to be placed around the pool.


This screenshot clearly shows the curvier look I am trying to achieve with DXMP_Pool_v3.


Expect another update on DXMP_Pool within a week.