I‘m currently putting DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 on hold for a very short period to work very quickly on DXMP_Pool_v3 as recently I have found out that a problem still exists with v2 which I thought was taken of. I have decided to start this map from scratch and I will make some changes here and there, so instead of it being a quick fix of v2 it will be a true updated successor to v2.

I have so far laid out the main playing area which uses cleaner and better brush techniques when compared to earlier versions. I have started to add some of the map decoration, for this version I am using brushes with more vertices to give a smoother feel to the environment, in general there will be much more smoother surfaces throughout.


The main playing area with multiple subtract brushes stacked upon one another to form different texture layers.


Several walls in place with rounder edges.