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DXMP_Pool_v3 has made decent progress since last week’s update, the map is mostly complete now and I expect to have the pre final version ready for release in early December for beta testing.  There are stark differences between this version and the last, the most apparent difference is the use of glass, the maps perimeter now has a glass surround close to the ceiling, and the small pool area now has a large glass roof/cover which can be shot at and broken with a satisfying shower of glass and noise to follow.

I‘ve replaced the bland ceiling lights with fluorescent style strip lights which use different lighting temperatures, the weapon boards have a rounder look as do the new toilet doors. The lockers go from bland to a more detailed look,  and I’ve replaced the old pool side lounges with newer versions. Even the toilet roll gets an upgrade! Next I will add in biobots, cabinets, lockpicks, biocells and multitools, also I will add ambient sounds and I will need to add zone portals to the map to aid performance.


A more detailed version of Pool sees many upgrades.


New lighting gives the map a different atmosphere.


Map will need testing to make sure the frame rate is sufficient, I may yet have to take out the spare toilet rolls!

Recently I’ve been working on two maps – DXMP_Amon (Beta 1 available here – and DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, currently I am putting these two maps on hold for a short period to work on DXMP_Pool_v3 as it has recently come to light that a problem with the map exists and needs fixing.

Work on this map will be fairly rapid as I want this map released asap to rectify the texture related error that exists on the previous version.  Since my last update I have added many more walls to the map and I have included the large pool, with a new edging, style and depth. The map now has many curves in place and is noticeably rounder then the older version. Next I will concentrate on map decoration such as lockers, out of bounds doors, weapon boards, biobots, cabinets and toilets!


The new rounder pool with the new edging, expect items to be placed around the pool.


This screenshot clearly shows the curvier look I am trying to achieve with DXMP_Pool_v3.


Expect another update on DXMP_Pool within a week.


I‘m currently putting DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 on hold for a very short period to work very quickly on DXMP_Pool_v3 as recently I have found out that a problem still exists with v2 which I thought was taken of. I have decided to start this map from scratch and I will make some changes here and there, so instead of it being a quick fix of v2 it will be a true updated successor to v2.

I have so far laid out the main playing area which uses cleaner and better brush techniques when compared to earlier versions. I have started to add some of the map decoration, for this version I am using brushes with more vertices to give a smoother feel to the environment, in general there will be much more smoother surfaces throughout.


The main playing area with multiple subtract brushes stacked upon one another to form different texture layers.


Several walls in place with rounder edges.

Der Zeit Mann Mod

Der Zeit Mann Mod

Release Date: Released April 14th, 2002

Developed By:

Contact Details:

Official Site:



A futuristic mod set in the year 3048, the main character, Kevin, is sent from the distant past. Upon arrival Kevin finds out he has only six hours to return to the past whence he came or face his death, as the story unfolds the main character finds himself in the middle of a galactic war.

Download Der Zeit Mann here

Here are the latest shots of DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, the main layout is complete, the map features a much rounder look as every room now has rounded “corners”. To continue this rounder theme I have rounded off the main building exterior, the first shot shows rounded off “platforms”. I am just started to experiment with texturing, I will probably have different edging trim with the outdoor areas versus the indoor. Next I will focus on adding the basic elements such as boxes, newer weapon boards, and biobots etc. Expect more screenshots later this month.

mini mini (2) mini (3) Shot0000

Welcome to my Deus Ex newsletter, November edition, 2013. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform people of all the new happenings going on in the (original) Deus Ex community (which is still ticking after well over a decade) – these include new mods, maps, mini-mods, servers, clan wars, community events etc. I am also aiming to help connect the single and multiplayer communities of Deus Ex. If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, or email me at

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last month…


Deus Ex: Revision latest shots


Ocean Lab is the most recent focus for the revision treatment, below are two screenshots showing the newly improved Ocean Lab environment. The first of the two shots shows  the entrance area, the bland walls have been made transparent showing off the local sea life, this really enforces the underwater Ocean Lab feeling. The second screen shot displays the Ocean Lab’s Command Centre which looks busier when compared to the original configuration.


Entrance to the Ocean Lab.


The Ocean Lab’s Command Centre.


Otchlan Mod latest bonus screenshots


After last months plethora of screenshots, Otchlan mod’s author, LEADERgry, has kept the balling rolling by releasing another two bonus screen captures. The two shots, below, are LEADERgry’s rendition of the main hallway from the Resident Evil mansion, which is funny to see as yours truly is in the process of creating the mansion for another fantastic Deus Ex horror mod called That Resident Evil Mod.


The Spencer Mansion from the brilliant Resident Evil makes an appearance in Otchlan mod, well at least the main hallway. Who knows how much of the mansion is being mapped for Otchlan mod (hopefully lots of it!).



Hatchet mod updates


The latest updates from the Deus Ex single player mod Hatchet include weapon remodels/animations and new ammo types. The video below shows the Carbine weapon model in action, so far Hatchet mod has seven weapon models complete.


A preview of the .45 Revolver weapon, this looks like it packs a punch to say the least.

Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-58-16 Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-55-32 Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-19-63 Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-21-35 Hatchet_2013-10-19_16-49-23-73


A preview of the remodeled work bench, this may not be the final version.


M416 Assault gun preview.


Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside to feature cut “Moon mission”


The single player Deus Ex mod entitled Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside is set to feature a level that takes place on the moon, something the original Deus Ex was planned to have but the idea was later pulled. You can even see some of the original moon textures that were going to be used in the SDK.  A couple of screenshots can be seen below.

Shot0103 Shot0102


Sharpshooter mod continues to be updated, community release planned


Atrey’s Sharpshooter mod is still being updated, check back here often for the latest version (first post): Sharpshooter is a mod that switches the players weapon set every forty five seconds and so makes for some fast paced and frantic action. Plans are in place to release the full and final version to the community soon along with a map pack specifically edited with the mod in mind.

Shot0003 Shot0002

Shot0001 Shot0000


Deus Ex Server Lister (DXSL) update for Windows

An update for the Windows version of DXSL has been released for Deus Ex by Deja Vu a.k.a One1. The DXSL shows all the Deus Ex servers along with information such as player count, server maps and mods and some other server details. The latest update is v. 3.4.0 and can be downloaded here – There are plans to update the Android version in the near future.


A couple of maps by myself

My latest released Deus Ex fight map, DXMP_Peak, is based on Peak from Unreal Tournament ’99 (I’m looking to make quite a few more in future!), and has a more rounded look when compared to its original form.  This map has been given the full Deus Ex treatment and features biobots, medbots, cabinets, custom made weapon boards, and a vent.

DXMP_Peak’s setting is a castle like building set on top of an extremely sharp rising “mountain” like feature. The building has five floors in total, two lifts/elevators will get you between floors three and four, and four and five, also two staircases will give you access between floors one and two and also two and three. In addition there are outer walkways that circle the perimeter of the building that will allow you to access every floor. Screenshots and download link below.

Download DXMP_Peak here


My interpretation of Peak.


I‘m also in the process of making DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2, an updated version of my 2011 interpretation of Mini Dust from Counterstrike. I will keep the same dimensions and tweak slightly the layout, also I will improve the lighting and visuals. Extremely early screenshots below.

minimini (2)  Shot0000


Human Renovation v1.3 by G-Flex released


Human Renovation is a patch for Deus Ex that breathes new life into the game. The patch addresses countless bug fixes with Deus Ex, and has a whole host of other good stuff including updates an improvements to the NPCs. NPCs are more deadly thanks to improved reaction time to threats and weapon accuracy, this becomes even more apparent when dealing with augmented enemies.  There are also many tweaks to augmentations, skills, health, you name it, you really have to read the readme file with the download below as there really are tons of additions!

Human Renovation v1.3


MiniMTL version 233 released

Deja Vu a.ka one1 has released his latest MiniMTL version 233 for use with Deus Ex multiplayer servers. This version is a quick fix for the older version 232 as there were some server log spamming issues, you will have to configure miniMTL.ini to version 233 manually. Download link here


Fan Media of the month

Here is a collection of random art work, videos and screenshots that caught my eye this month.

 6910_screenshots_2012-05-01_00009 6910_screenshots_2012-09-07_00002 6910_screenshots_2012-10-17_000046910_screenshots_2011-10-05_00020 6910_screenshots_2013-04-18_00001

Well that covers yet another month, I expect alot of mods to come out of the woodwork as we approach Christmas, thanks for reading, see you in thirty odd days!