DXMP_Peak is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by myself which is based on the Unreal Tournament ’99 map of the same name. My version replaces the harsh blocky UT ’99 feel with smoother and rounder brushwork which transforms the map when compared to its original form.  This map has been given the full Deus Ex treatment and features biobots, medbots, cabinets, custom made weapon boards, and a vent.

DXMP_Peak’s setting is a castle like building set on top of an extremely sharp rising “mountain” like feature, the original map had two of these mountain peaks but I decided to keep it to just one which serves its purpose by supporting the castle structure (the other peak in the original map was just for cosmetic purposes). The building has five floors in total, two lifts/elevators will get you between floors three and four, and four and five, also two staircases will give you access between floors one and two and also two and three. In addition there are outer walkways that circle the perimeter of the building that will allow you to access every floor, it’s quite the network of walkways!

In total there are four spawn areas which separate the players from one another pretty well considering the map’s relatively small size. The map flows well due to it’s easy navigation between each floor with multiple routes on option. A cheeky vent placement on the second floor gives you a quick escape option if needed there is also easy outside access on the third floor thanks to two large openings, all in all you are never short of options to get to the next area, often two or three exits point options are the norm here.

Download DXMP_Peak here


DXMP_Peak, a five storey, mayhem inducing fight map, set in the middle of nowhere.

Shot0002 Shot0003 Shot0004 Shot0005 Shot0006 Shot0007 Shot0008 Shot0009 Shot0010 Shot0011Shot0001

Build shots below;

Shot0001 Shot0000 Shot0003 Shot0002

Shot0001-1 Shot0005 Shot0003-1 Shot0004Shot0003_zps2742daaa Shot0002_zpsbf096e89 Shot0001_zps43df915cShot0001_zpsf4bd0a23 Shot0003_zps77ae56e3 Shot0002_zpsbbf6009a Shot0000_zps6cb2ba58Shot0001_zps076fc142 Shot0000_zps1f94e430 Shot0002_zpse165ce96Shot0001_zps97035050 Shot0000_zpse080f851 Shot0002_zps5c19ebc1Shot0000-1_zps27a96d1c Shot0001-2_zpsc8f34923 Shot0002-1_zps77186910Shot0000-1_zpsc3abc453 Shot0000-1_zps27a96d1c Shot0001-2_zps221a54ac Shot0002-1_zpsaf077048 Shot0001-2_zpsc8f34923 Shot0002-1_zps77186910Shot0002-1_zps2b9474ad Shot0001-2_zps26069e5f Shot0000-1_zps76e428e4Shot0002-1_zps1d053669 Shot0001-2_zps9f35c191 Shot0000-1_zpsacf7aa41Shot0001_zps2fc17f85 Shot0002_zpsc3effa4a Shot0000_zps96663f3cShot0007_zpse9ce06c7 Shot0004-1_zpse0736e68 Shot0005-1_zpsbf96075e Shot0003-2_zpsa99f36a0Shot0003-2_zps6851bce1 Shot0002-1_zps8c2c0a07 Shot0001-2_zps673f1bec Shot0000-1_zps33b3aef2Shot0001-2_zps85ac807d Shot0002-1_zps6084f8d6 Shot0000-1_zps2c559b24Shot0001-2_zps502db0e3 Shot0002-1_zpsbbae5a17 Shot0000-1_zps54a6e6fbShot0003-2_zps2654a504 Shot0002-1_zps09d45961 Shot0001-2_zps696ff550 Shot0005-1_zpsa196c086