DXMP_Snow_v2 is an updated version of the DXMP_Snow map that I created previously. I felt the map needed updating as I wasn’t happy with some elements here and there, below I have listed the changes when compared to the earlier DXMP_Snow version as well as a download link.

  • General lighting has been altered – Darker hues of blue and more saturated colours, have taken out the whiter shades of lighting throughout the map.
  • Changed the white glass “snow” texture throughout the map’s floor surface to a bluer varient.
  • Replaced eight sided “manholes” with sixteen sided ones.
  • Opened up the middle manhole so players can have an additional route to and from the underground section.
  • Added a third biobot and a medbot in the underground section.
  • Added two wall mounted cabinets on the elevated corners of the map which contain biocell and HE 20mm.
  • Skybox has been altered, Moon re-sized, and use of light to give effect of the Moon lighting clouds.
  • Replaced custom textured unbreakable small crates with regular textured ones.
  • Moved ammocrates (near corner spawns) further away from weapon boards.
  • Replaced the three wooden planks, with four slimmer ones, added correct texture when wood is broken.
  • Moved position of several crates that are sitting ontop of other crates to give them a more natural look.

Download DXMP_Snow_v2 here

 Shot0003_zpsd0811db9 Shot0001_zps9309de7e Shot0002_zps5939ae23Shot0004_zps027177e4