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Burden of 80 Proof mod

Burden of 80 Proof

Release Date: Released Aug 12th, 2007
Developed By: scottc
Contact Details:
Official Site:

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Somewhere out in the suburbs, an cubicle full of nonsense sits unnoticed, unmolested. Rich has taken the day off. At a different office, somewhere else, Peter Kent is embroiled in an over-caffeinated, lightning-paced, perfectly normal day at work. It’s good then, that Rich has arranged for “the house.” A relaxing, semi-permanent party headquarters to be used all summer by the two of them, their boozy crew of half-wit friends, and anyone who follows the trail of noise to their doorstep. Unfortunately, a bit of confusion has left the boys with all house and no supplies.

So is it possible to have a good time, the kind of good time to which Rich and Peter are accustomed, without any preparation at all? The answer, as it turns out, is no. We’ll still need beer. Definitely. Right? And some other stuff. And so with no money, no patience, and a lunch hour long since spent, can Peter secure the supplies necessary to fend off the fearsome hurricane of boredom which threatens this warm, warm weekend?


You take on the role of Peter Kent: gallant gamer, put-upon party-goer, ersatz errand boy, suburban swashbuckler.
Navigate a middle-class morass of whiny girlfriends, surly cops, slippery coworkers, surly bartenders, surly bosses, and more.
Your mission: procure an ever-growing list of supplies to ensure an appropriately inappropriate weekend of drinking, revelry, and what have you.


* All new, entirely original script (over 12,000 words)
* 18 new characters, 6 new levels, new sounds, models, textures and more, plus clever re-use of existing Deus Ex stuff (or “assets”)
* A non-dark-and-dystopian vision of the future
* Awesome, old-schooly music brings luscious memories of past gaming goodness back into the now
* Robots
* Multiple solutions to problems and a world responsive to your choices, in the true spirit of Deus Ex

Download Burden of 80 Proof for PC here

Download Burden of 80 Proof for Mac here

DXMP_Mini_Dust_v2 work begins

DXMP_Mini_Dust was a map I built back in 2011, it has become a popular map, although it did take around six months for people to really start accepting the map. I think it’s now time to update the map, I will keep the same dimensions and virtually the same layout  but will improve the lighting and visuals. In fact I have actually started to rebuild the map from complete scratch.


The original DXMP_Mini_Dust.

Work has begun with the map’s layout, the main interior area will be slightly different when compared to the 2011 version. The staircase is slightly updated cosmetically, and I have added a rounder version of the main building. I will do away with the old boxes style as I felt it gave too much of an fps drop due to their complexity. Extremely early shots posted below.


mini mini (2) Shot0000


DXMP_Peak is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by myself which is based on the Unreal Tournament ’99 map of the same name. My version replaces the harsh blocky UT ’99 feel with smoother and rounder brushwork which transforms the map when compared to its original form.  This map has been given the full Deus Ex treatment and features biobots, medbots, cabinets, custom made weapon boards, and a vent.

DXMP_Peak’s setting is a castle like building set on top of an extremely sharp rising “mountain” like feature, the original map had two of these mountain peaks but I decided to keep it to just one which serves its purpose by supporting the castle structure (the other peak in the original map was just for cosmetic purposes). The building has five floors in total, two lifts/elevators will get you between floors three and four, and four and five, also two staircases will give you access between floors one and two and also two and three. In addition there are outer walkways that circle the perimeter of the building that will allow you to access every floor, it’s quite the network of walkways!

In total there are four spawn areas which separate the players from one another pretty well considering the map’s relatively small size. The map flows well due to it’s easy navigation between each floor with multiple routes on option. A cheeky vent placement on the second floor gives you a quick escape option if needed there is also easy outside access on the third floor thanks to two large openings, all in all you are never short of options to get to the next area, often two or three exits point options are the norm here.

Download DXMP_Peak here


DXMP_Peak, a five storey, mayhem inducing fight map, set in the middle of nowhere.

Shot0002 Shot0003 Shot0004 Shot0005 Shot0006 Shot0007 Shot0008 Shot0009 Shot0010 Shot0011Shot0001

Build shots below;

Shot0001 Shot0000 Shot0003 Shot0002

Shot0001-1 Shot0005 Shot0003-1 Shot0004Shot0003_zps2742daaa Shot0002_zpsbf096e89 Shot0001_zps43df915cShot0001_zpsf4bd0a23 Shot0003_zps77ae56e3 Shot0002_zpsbbf6009a Shot0000_zps6cb2ba58Shot0001_zps076fc142 Shot0000_zps1f94e430 Shot0002_zpse165ce96Shot0001_zps97035050 Shot0000_zpse080f851 Shot0002_zps5c19ebc1Shot0000-1_zps27a96d1c Shot0001-2_zpsc8f34923 Shot0002-1_zps77186910Shot0000-1_zpsc3abc453 Shot0000-1_zps27a96d1c Shot0001-2_zps221a54ac Shot0002-1_zpsaf077048 Shot0001-2_zpsc8f34923 Shot0002-1_zps77186910Shot0002-1_zps2b9474ad Shot0001-2_zps26069e5f Shot0000-1_zps76e428e4Shot0002-1_zps1d053669 Shot0001-2_zps9f35c191 Shot0000-1_zpsacf7aa41Shot0001_zps2fc17f85 Shot0002_zpsc3effa4a Shot0000_zps96663f3cShot0007_zpse9ce06c7 Shot0004-1_zpse0736e68 Shot0005-1_zpsbf96075e Shot0003-2_zpsa99f36a0Shot0003-2_zps6851bce1 Shot0002-1_zps8c2c0a07 Shot0001-2_zps673f1bec Shot0000-1_zps33b3aef2Shot0001-2_zps85ac807d Shot0002-1_zps6084f8d6 Shot0000-1_zps2c559b24Shot0001-2_zps502db0e3 Shot0002-1_zpsbbae5a17 Shot0000-1_zps54a6e6fbShot0003-2_zps2654a504 Shot0002-1_zps09d45961 Shot0001-2_zps696ff550 Shot0005-1_zpsa196c086


DXMP_Snow_v2 is an updated version of the DXMP_Snow map that I created previously. I felt the map needed updating as I wasn’t happy with some elements here and there, below I have listed the changes when compared to the earlier DXMP_Snow version as well as a download link.

  • General lighting has been altered – Darker hues of blue and more saturated colours, have taken out the whiter shades of lighting throughout the map.
  • Changed the white glass “snow” texture throughout the map’s floor surface to a bluer varient.
  • Replaced eight sided “manholes” with sixteen sided ones.
  • Opened up the middle manhole so players can have an additional route to and from the underground section.
  • Added a third biobot and a medbot in the underground section.
  • Added two wall mounted cabinets on the elevated corners of the map which contain biocell and HE 20mm.
  • Skybox has been altered, Moon re-sized, and use of light to give effect of the Moon lighting clouds.
  • Replaced custom textured unbreakable small crates with regular textured ones.
  • Moved ammocrates (near corner spawns) further away from weapon boards.
  • Replaced the three wooden planks, with four slimmer ones, added correct texture when wood is broken.
  • Moved position of several crates that are sitting ontop of other crates to give them a more natural look.

Download DXMP_Snow_v2 here

 Shot0003_zpsd0811db9 Shot0001_zps9309de7e Shot0002_zps5939ae23Shot0004_zps027177e4

Welcome to my Deus Ex newsletter, October edition, 2013. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform people of all the new happenings going on in the (original) Deus Ex community (which is still ticking after well over a decade) – these include new mods, maps, mini-mods, servers, clan wars, community events etc. I am also aiming to help connect the single and multiplayer communities of Deus Ex. If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, or email me at

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last month…


Deus Ex: Revision – calm before the storm?


After the big updates of Deus Ex: Revision in the last few months its gone all quiet at Caustic Creative. However they have thrown us a small bone in the shape of a music file thanks to Jerion. The piece is an early version of the Hell’s Kitchen ambient score, although it is not final it gives you a nice feel of the atmosphere intended. The music track can be heard below.

NYC Streets Concept Music – Mod DB


Otchlan Mod latest screenies


The dark and eerie Deus Ex single player horror mod Otchlan was last featured in this newsletter back in the June edition. I’m pleased to have it return here in light of new screenshots being released by the mod’s author LEADERgry. The very random screenshots can be viewed below, I’ve also included an old video of the work in progress mod so you can really get the vibe of Otchlan.

Shot0026 Shot0027 Shot0021x Shot0025 Shot0023 Shot0021 Shot0024 Shot0022 Shot0024x

Otchlan Mod Game Play 2 Test – Mod DB

Here is another Octhlan video, this one is slightly less sinister I think you will agree 😉

Dancers 01.04.2013 – Mod DB


Hatchet mod gets more updates


The Deus Ex single player mod Hatchet has had some updates as expected this month, the author WCCC spoke of many updates which include added a parrying system for melee weapons which also see the weapons weaken and break down (which is in keeping with more modern games), tweaks have been made to armour damage and many small bug fixes have been addressed. The latest screenshots can be seen below.


Melee weapon blocking animation in action, once in this pose you view is obstructed and you will move slower, re-hit the parry button to come out of this mode.

Hatchet_2013-09-17_22-21-25-95 Hatchet_2013-09-19_10-52-30-95 Hatchet_2013-09-21_21-47-51-99BlueprintPreview AbilityTreePreview2G3SASPreview


Here is a very early look at the Ability tree system found in Hatchet, WCCC states he still needs to add branches between skills, upgrade/purchase buttons, assign hotkeys to abilities and even a large amount of UI elements that track the level and experience of the character, which all sounds very complex and deep.


Check out Deus Ex within the Steam community


This a great place to check out for all Deus Ex fans, particularly the discussions section as it is very active with new players (experiencing Deus Ex for the first time) and veterans alike. The discussions board can be found here, and the main page is found here.


Deus Ex – There’s an app for that

An Android application version of DXSL has been released for Deus Ex by Deja Vu a.k.a One1. DXSL is an abbreviation of Deus Ex Server Lister and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The application can be found either here, or a quick search of DXSL on Play Store will bring up the app. Currently the very first 1.0.0 version is available although there is said to be updates for improvements in the near future. With this app you can browse currently online Deus Ex multiplayer servers along with server information and current number of players, for use with Android 3.0 and above. “In phone” screenshots below.

2013-09-29_11-11-43    2013-09-29_11-12-232013-09-29_11-11-472013-09-29_11-11-522013-09-29_11-11-56


Bob Page HDTP models by Phasmatis


Phasmatis has uploaded his Bob Page models to the community which are free to use as they wish. Both the normal clothed and augmented versions of Bob Page are up for grabs, for more information and for download linkys see here


Deranged mod looking for volunteers


The Paranoid Games team working on the single player Deus Ex mod known as Deranged are currently calling for some volunteers to help with development of their mod. They have close to twenty new weapon models that require animations and need to be imported. As some of these weapon models are high in polygon count they need these polygons reduced (presumably to aid with animations and importing success).

Paranoid Games are also looking for people to make NPC skins and perhaps some other textures, mappers to aid in the building of a large city environment which is currently being worked on. And finally, coders and experienced mission-scripters will be useful as the team have crazy stuff planned for Deranged….


Real Deus Ex final version 2.0 released


BART1995 has released his Deus Ex single player mod, Real Deus Ex (RDX), this month. The mod promises to add more realism to the original single player campaign and also add new elements to refresh the game, a few changes, and the download link are located below.

  • Addition of the undead
  • New character skins
  • Addition of real allies
  • Larger and more dynamic battles

14 2 8 9  6 35 7

Real Deus Ex (RDX) Final Version (2.0)


New USA based Deus Ex multiplayer servers

Deus Ex multiplayer  got a boost this month with the addition of two new professional servers thanks to the guys at Deus Ex Gaming (found at Both servers are hosted in New York, USA, and provide both zero augs and ATDM action. The servers are a much needed slice of action for players based in the USA as servers located there have been few and far between of late.


Terminus Machina Latest


Below is a concept art designed by Orboscope which shows the early concept of the humanitarian zone and refugee camp.



Fan Media of the month

Here is a collection of random art work, videos and screenshots that caught my eye this month.

community_image_1373044712 community_image_1374350982 community_image_1380336410

Well that covers yet another month (Don’t the months go quick?!!), thanks for all the positive comments regarding the newsletter it really has taken me by surprise. Next month we can expect a major update from Caustic Creative regarding their brilliant Deus Ex: Revision mod, thanks for reading.