DXMP_Stalwart is a Deus Ex multiplayer map made by myself which is based on Stalwart-XL fight map from Unreal Tournament ’99. The map is set in a futuristic run down garage environment, this version when compared to it’s UT’99 original has alot of extra details including movable shutters, vents, a turret, more decoration like wheels and traffic cones, different lighting temperatures and colours, and a slightly narrowed layout.

DXMP_Stalwart is a medium sized map which has lots of intertwining routes and so if the action gets too intense the player can duck out by finding a near by “escape” route, fights can then be chosen to some degree. The map features four spawn points, two at either end of the environment, and has all the necessary elements for augged gameplay.

Download DXMP_Stalwart here

DXMP_Stalwart02 DXMP_Stalwart04 DXMP_Stalwart05 Shot0000 Shot0001 Shot0003Shot0000

Build shots below

Shot0003-3 Shot0000 Shot0002-1 Shot0000-2 Shot0001 Shot0002 Shot0001-1 Shot0016 Shot0022 Shot0003 Shot0002-2 Shot0004 Shot0030 Shot0004-1 Shot00033 Shot0003-2 Shot0003-4 Shot0000-1 Shot0005 Shot0021