This is the very first map I have made reasonably recently (mid 2011) that has gotten the version 2 upgrade treatment. I intend to upgrade my first five maps (DXMP_Pool, DXMP_Snow, DXMP_Mini_Dust, DXMP_Bound and DXMP_Stalkyard), as a fair amount of time has passed since creating those five maps and there are some areas of the maps which I would really like to improve. Here then is DXMP_Pool_v2 with many changes listed below;

  • Replaced the clear white texture with another that appears identical (which hopefully solves the texture bug).
  • Cleaned up the weapon boards so there is no lines either side.
  • Replaced some of the white square tiles with rectangle white tiles.
  • Added a different skybox, that includes a 2d moon rather then the 3d moon as before.
  • Doubled the amount of light actors on ceiling lights but with reduced radius.
  • Toned down the ambient lighting in the centre of the map.
  • Changed ceiling textures
  • Changed ceiling light textures
  • Aligned and panned textures so they match up with more accuracy.
  • Removed biobots and biobot housings
  • Removed cabinets
  • Added simple fake doors
  • Removed multitools, lockpicks, bio cells and grenades.
  • Re-textured toilet dividers so they match the main perimeter texture pattern.
  • Remade ceiling areas to remove any obvious lighting line bugs that were present on ceiling.

Shot0002-1 Shot0000 Shot0001-1

Download DXMP_Pool_v2 here

Comparison screenshots between DXMP_Pool_v2 (left) and DXMP_Pool