DXMP_CS-Office is a Deus Ex multiplayer map based on the original map from Counterstrike. I originally stuck to the original scale from Counterstrike as closely as possible, however, once the first beta was hosted it became apparent that the map scale was too big for Deus Ex multiplayer. I then started the map completely from scratch reducing size by roughly 20%, I included the outside areas also but shut these areas off to the player as the map is quite big even without these playable outside areas.

I‘ve added many Deus Ex elements to this map as so it becomes a much more interactive and tactical experience when compared to the original counterstrike map. There’s turrets, vents, TNT crates, breakable glass and working vending machines, the map has five spawn areas, two of which are located near building exit points which are sunken down. The is suitable for aug and non aug play and contains the usual medbots, biobots, several cabinets with goodies and even a LAW cabinet.

Download DXMP_CS-Office here





Build Shots;

Shot0019Shot0022Shot0000-6Shot0003-2Shot0000-5Shot00012Shot000122Shot0002-3Shot0000-4Shot0004Shot0003-1Shot0003DXMP_OfficeSizeComparisonShot0006-1Shot0005Shot0007Shot0006Shot0002-2Shot0001-2Shot0000-3Shot0002-1Shot0000-2Shot0001-1Shot0001Shot0002th_Shot0000Shot0000-1Shot0008 Shot0013-1 Shot0012Shot0016 Shot0014 Shot0010 Shot0000-7 Shot0013 Shot0017