Welcome to the fourth edition of my Deus Ex newsletter – September 2013. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform people of all the new happenings going on in the (original) Deus Ex community – these include new mods, maps, mini-mods, servers, clan wars, community events etc. I am also aiming to help connect the single and multiplayer communities of Deus Ex. If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, or email me at chindem@live.com.

So here’s what has been going on in the Deus Ex world in the last thirty or so days…


work on Deus Ex: Revision surges on to meet 2013 release


After last month’s demo the Deus Ex: Revision team (found at http://www.dx-revision.com/) have been busy working on their excellent mod in order to finish it in time to satisfy their quarter four target. The latest update sees the completion of the Universal Constructor environment. The mapper “Trasher” was influenced by System Shock 2 and has caught the vibe of that game wonderfully. Three screenshots have been released which can be viewed below, expect more and more updates from the team at Deus Ex: Revision as the mod gets ever closer to its release schedule, and i wish them all the best!


An updated shot of the newly improved Universal Constructor map, which looks great but still maintains the original Deus Ex vibe.


Something tells me this is the Universal Constructor…


Good use of different lighting colours give this screen shot a sense of depth.



Terminus Machina undergoes further post release development


Two months after its release, Terminus Machina will, somewhat surprisingly, undergo further development and improvement. The author of Terminus Machina “SilverSpook” has had a recent mass arrival of interested modders to help with post release improvements to the mod, these are the individuals that have been added to the Terminus Machina roster;

AlvinD2008 – 3D modelling and textures.
Dentonoid – Testing.

JCDenton2000 – Mapping and textures.
xen0phile – coding.

If you are interested in joining the newly assembled team, you can contact the author here (I don’t recommend sending a hummingbird drone to SilverSpook’s safe house in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Moscow option on offer).

The early plan is to have new content and textures along with additional environments (already in development is two large scaled cities!) so it seems like a significant add on. One of the new cities is said to be a dystopic, run down and bleak version of Hong Kong. The other is a “light on a hill” within the austerity-torn San Fran necropolis, a burgeoning hub of humanitarian aid orgs, NGO-backed resilient communities, and refugee camps.


Here’s a concept art sketch of an area of the SoMa Autonomous Zone, a hub of humanitarian aid organisations, NGO-backed resilient communities, and refugee camps that serve the unfortunate citizens of San Francisco.


Meet the PWNER, (Portable Waterproof Neodymium Energized Rod) the newest addition to the Hex Gen’s arsenal. It is said to be a anti-drone, photon based weapon and is still under development, Model by AlvinD.



Hatchet mod gets intricate with dismembered body parts (yay!)


The Deus Ex single player mod known as Hatchet has once again been given some updates, the author WCCC (White Chocolate Chip Clock, if you were wandering, yeah I thought it would be cookie instead of clock but whatever) has listed off the numerous improvements/additions which can be seen below.

  • Modified door-breaching shotgun ammo to be better VS armored targets, this was necessary since 10G ammo has no VS armor specials.
  • Buffed door-breaching shotgun ammo’s damage threshold.
  • Tweaked some stuff with ammo looting so weapons recovered give you their current magazine’s worth of ammo and ammo looted gives you no more than one magazine per looting. This is perfectly balanced since previously you could get thousands of rounds of standard ammunition just like that, recent testing has proven this to be just the right amount of looting.
  • Pawns may now throw their weapons on the ground provided that:
    A. They own at least one melee weapon
    B. Their current weapon is NOT a melee weapon.
    C. Their current weapon is also either broken (from extensive use), out of ammo, or jamming and they happen to randomly get fed up with it (happens randomly below 25% condition)
  • Pawns and carcasses now drop items when gibbed, similar to the effect of TNM but with some key differences (ammo will drop on its own, weapons give ammo equivalent to current magazine, weapons dropped from gibbing take damage to their condition, item weight affects how far items will fling, and generally the range of possible velocities is much more realistic and controlled)
  • Carcasses now drop metal fragments if the average armor rating of the pawn that died to make the carcass was above 15%.
  • Carcasses now inherit average armor rating from the pawns that spawn them during their death. This makes corpses with higher armor rating more resistant to damage (as low as 16% or so of base damage received)
  • Fixed a bug where looting carcasses that are destroyed after opening the window would crash they game. This had a safety mechanism already in place, but it proved ineffective due to the insanity that is extension objects vs actors and how the engine handles their basic behaviors.
  • Attempting to pick up corpses that burned to death makes them gib.
  • Gibs from burned corpses are now a more charred color to resemble the corpse they came from.
  • Pawns that die or are knocked unconscious while on fire will ALWAYS die and become burned now. This had a funny bug prevalent as far as TNM’s reach where knocking out people while on fire would make them magically unconscious, except in TNM they would still be on fire, wait what?
  • Tweaked console commands a tad. Tiny stuff.
  • Fixed a bug with repairing items where if the damage was minimal enough to cost 0 scrap that it would not allow you to repair. Now you can take advantage of such rare opportunities and rejoice.
  • Fixed some bugs with the still experimental gore spatter revamp related to rotation; still want to modify it a lot more before I’m calling it acceptable though.
  • Installed the replacement to the old aug system. I can’t say too much for the sake of spoilers, but it is massively revamped and draws influence from Human Revolution, in that the player levels up and can spend level ups on new abilities or upgrades for old ones.

(And that was supposed to be a quiet month for the mod yikes!)

WCCC has also released a couple of screenshots showing the newly improved (albeit still experimental) body parts/splatter goodness. The shots below show the stark contrast between the old style and the new style of dismembered limbs and blood effects. Blood spots/splatters have obviously increased, your armor now explodes into pieces, enemies can be burned, stunned, and torn asunder by special ammunition. Another nice touch is the throwing away of weapons with gusto when no longer needed, empty magazines and shell casings pile up on the floor, and the general chaos of battle is heightened to new levels.


The standard looking body pieces/blood from Deus Ex, if you’ve played Deus Ex multiplayer then you’ve seen this sight all too often.


Lots more blood, armour and weapons are strewn about and the general violence and goriness have increased to satisfying levels.


recent Shifter v1.9 update receives newer RC1 version 

Shifter Logo

The Shifter mod for Deus Ex which, last month, had a surprise v.1.9 update has once again received a small update. The v1.9 RC0 update has now been super-seeded with the v1.9 RC1 version. The v1.9 edition of the shifter mod takes advantage of the fairly recent High Definition Texture Package (HDTP) mod beta release and includes new weapons and also alternative fire (altfire) modes to many weapons. The more recent small improvements include removing some demo-detection code which was causing issues for some users when trying to start a new game, and also localises the “you discarded a combat knife” message.

The latest v1.9 RC1 Shifter mod can be downloaded here


Return of Denton SP mod latest

Return of Denton mod has had some updates this month, the author of the mod, AlvinD, has been busy working on the Hilton hotel interior and has made decent progress this month. Some loose ends need to be tied up and then he will start to work on cutscenes and converations, so hopefully we may get a video soon. (no pressure intended Alvin :P) I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Alvin D for providing several exclusive screenshots for this blog found amongst the screenshots below, cheers. To see updates on Return Of Denton in more detail go here


A WIP shot of a school bus prefab, nice brushwork!


Blowtorch, there’s also a power drill in development!


Here you will find “Jerry”, the guard of the Hilton Hotel, locked in one of the cages. I’m guessing you have to rescue him, although it’s possible you may have to torture him in that nasty spinny spikey thingy?


A screenshot of a top secret location found in ROD.


An updated shot of the Hilton Hotel, NYC. Looks improved compared to the earlier shot found in last month’s newsletter, good job.

Shot0015 Shot0018 Shot0026


Poor’s latest releases

Poor (a respected modder of the Deus Ex multiplayer community) has released a couple of mutators this month, which are explained in detail below.

Bark Mutator

This mod allows an online player to say (bark) sound samples found in the Deus Ex single player campaign such as short one liners and screams and whatnot (it’s quite funny when used correctly!).


  1. Place MBark.u in the System folder.
  2. Add the following lines in the [DeusEx.DeusExGameEngine] section of DeusEx.ini.
  • ServerActors=MBark.MBark
  • ServerPackages=DeusExConAudioAIBarks

How to Use;

Players type the command:

  • mutate bark N P

to play a NPC speech where N is the speech number and P is an optional pitch modifier, a number 0-10.

Admin commands;

  • mutate barks off – Disables the mutator.
  • mutate barks on – Enables the mutator.

Note: If players are annoyed, tell them to turn off their speech volume.

Download Poor’s Bark Mutator here

Cleverbot Mutator

Cleverbot is a well-known chat bot. This mutator allows players to communicate with CleverBot, which is particurly good for use with RPG and fun style of servers.


Place CleverBot.u file into the System folder and add the following line in the [DeusEx.DeusExGameEngine] section of DeusEx.ini.

  • ServerActors=CleverBot.CleverBotMutator

How to Use;

Players may communicate with CleverBot by using the command:

  • mutate cleverbot say  (message content)

Admin commands;

  • mutate cleverbot disable – Disables CleverBot.
  • mutate cleverbot enable – Enables CleverBot.
  • mutate cleverbot listen – CleverBot will listen to all player messages without them explicitly using the “cleverbot say” command. Unlike other commands, this is not a lasting effect and it will return to normal behavior next game.
  • mutate cleverbot listen stop – CleverBot will only listen to messages coming from the “cleverbot say” command.
  • mutate cleverbot name [Name] – Changes the name the bot.
  • mutate cleverbot name 2 [Name] – Changes the name of the second bot (only used in bot conversations).
  • mutate cleverbot botconvo [Entry Message] – Starts a conversation between two bots, starting with the provided message. The conversation will last 30 seconds.
  • mutate cleverbot botconvo stop – Stops the current bot conversation.

Note: CleverBot settings are stored in Mutators.ini.

Download Poor’s Cleverbot Mutator here


MiniMTL 230 releases

Deja Vu has released the latest MiniMTL 230, the aim of this release is to address accelerated firerate issues that some players experience when playing Deus Ex multiplayer. The latest version is still work in progress and has some bugs.

Download MiniMTL 230 (read me file included) here


New Deus Ex Clan – Aliens-Takeover (AT-O)


The newest clan in a long list of Deus Ex multiplayer clans is Aliens-Takeover or simply AT-O. AT-O are currently hosting a fun server and they also have a forum set up at http://atoclan.b1.jcink.com. Below is the current member list;


~Experienced Members~



I wish AT-O all the best with their new clan, they are certainly off to a good start.


New Deus Ex Multiplayer Maps


Training_Arena by Cat, a simple enclosed arena map built for clan training purposes, has a symmetrical layout which features six, six sided recesses at opposite ends with connecting pathways.

Shot0000 Shot0001

Download Training_Arena here


Lets Live RPG map (work in progress) by Toxsy. Looking at the screenshots it’s clear that alot of work has already been completed, the RPG map is very dark and eerie and is set in a city environment.


An in-editor (false lighting) shot of a street in Toxsy’s WIP RPG map, overhead train tracks that feature street lights either side.

Dx3 Dx4  Dx2 Dx


Cats Undercity by Cat, a fairly large RPG style of map which features a large shopping centre-esque environment which is host to tons of shops and amenities including a casino, a bar and a disco.


  • 10+ shops
  • Apartments
  • Build Zone
  • Zombie Kill
  • Bot Kill
  • Admin Room (Now why doesn’t that surprise me?! :P)
  • Pool
  • Casino
  • Disco
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Lots of Different Weapons (Deusex , Markistan)
  • Park
  • Underworld Train Station

Shot0004 Shot0006 Shot0008  Shot0012 Shot0018 Shot0019Shot0009


Temple of Cat by Cat is a fight map that features a large temple that pays homage to the four legged feline. The temple has several floors and the map has enlarged decorative items to give it some character.

Shot0004Shot0009   Shot0012Shot0008

Well that’s another newsletter finished, I hope you all enjoyed reading through, expect lots more news and updates next month as some mods get closer to completion, thanks for reading.