DXMP_Zombie_Training is a fun multiplayer map for Deus Ex made by myself, it uses mdoa’s fantastic zombie mod. The map is an edited version of the 00-Training map from the Deus Ex singleplayer campaign. The edited map is actually a hybrid of the training map I edited way back in 2008 and also modified in 2012 to it’s current incarnation. The mdoa zombie mod has five types of zombies – including the “tank” zombie – a large powerful zombie that needs some serious firepower to take down, all of these zombie types can be found in DXMP_Zombie_Training.

The goal of the map is to make it from one side to the other without dying. You start off in the lobby of the building, you have just landed via helicopter and you have unloaded the cases of weapons ready for you to use. Once loaded up you will open the first door to reveal the carnage and zombie infested offices and pathways. In order to get to the end you will have to work in a team, it’s worth checking every nook and cranny of the map as you may just find something valuable to aid you on your quest to the other side of the map.

Download DXMP_Zombie_Training here


You just landed via helicopter, you’ve busted down the front door and have unloaded all your weapon cases, it’s time to lock and load!

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