DXMP_Stalkyard is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by myself which is based on the Stalkyard map from Half Life multiplayer. The map features three main areas – the largest of these is a warehouse which contains two of the four spawn points. The map also has two outdoor areas and several linking pathways including a small upper area which is accessed either via a ladder at one end or a lift/elevator at the opposite end.

The map has a looped arrangement and so you are never far from any point of the map which provides decent and fast paced gameplay. The layout, once familiarised, is very simple, battles can be avioded by using one of the many passageways, the player can use these to get a quick exit point if the action gets too dangerous. There is also a small ventilation shaft on the small second level section that provides an interesting drop in point from the ceiling onto unsuspecting enemies that may be reaching for the nearby medical bot for healing.

DXMP_Stalkyard is a medium to large map and is suitable for up to twelve to sixteen players. There are four spawnpoints, ladders, a lift, a turret, a ventilation shaft, a medbot, a locked cabinet which reveals a LAW, several small wall mounted cabinets and biobots as well as many pickups scattered amongst the environment. The lighting has been worked on to give the player a nice mix of colours and temperatures, mostly apparent in the outdoor sections where light colours bleed into one another. I’d like to thank Deja Vu for helping with installing the augmentation gametype elements such as wall mounted cabinets and item location, and also A!B for hosting the beta version.

Download DXMP_Stalkyard here

Stalkyard01Stalkyard03  Stalkyard04Stalkyard02   Shot0001Shot0000   Shot0002


Overview of DXMP_Stalkyard showing the three main hubs of the map as well as the connecting pathways.


Early work in progress screenshots;


Shot0001-1 Shot0002 Shot0003Shot0011 Shot0010 Shot0009DXMP_Stalkyard03 DXMP_Stalkyard04Shot0001 Shot0000