DXMP_Bound is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map made by myself which is very loosely based on a similar layout from a map I stumbled across in Counterstrike. When compared to the Counterstrike version this one has much more detail including fans, pipework, out of bounds detail and floor markings. I made this map with clan training in mind and I was originally going to donate this to a clan and put their clan banner all over it, however I decided against this when I got lots of decent feedback and I decided to release it to the DXMP community outright.

DXMP_Bound is as simple as a map gets – its open rectangular shape is broken up by lots of mini walls which provide cover, the ceiling and walls have details such as piping and fans and there are people watching you from behind a bullet proof glass taking notes. The map is supposed to portray a feeling of being trapped hence the name, the map features six spawn points and has enough playerstarts for eighteen people.

Download DXMP_Bound here

Shot0005Shot0006 Shot0002Shot0004


DXMP_Bound map overview.

Early build shots;

DXMP_Bound01Shot0001 Shot0000DXMP_Bound2DXMP_Bound