DXMP_Snow is a fight map for Deus Ex multiplayer made by myself which is based on the Snow 4 map from Counterstrike. The map is set outdoors and its rectangular shape features four elevated sections at each of its four corners (two of which have spawn points).

Two other spawnpoints are located just under walkways at end each diagonally opposite to one another (the spawn point weapon boards can be seen in the large screenshot below, on the left) . There is also a fifth and final spawnpoint in the underground section (second shot below), this small underground pathway also has a cabinet containing some goodies, and has two man hole access points as seen in the last shot (top left and bottom left).

The aforementioned two walkways are accessed via small yellow ladders and give the player a higher viewpoint for sneaky attacks, there is also a cabinet with some goodies. There are three medkits within the map two are out in the open and the third is tucked away in the underground section. There is also two biobots located in the main area, the map has thirteen players starts and is recommended for 4-12 players.






DXMP_Snow overview showing the four elevated sections at each of the four corners.

Early build shots below.


DXMP_Snow01 DXMP_Snow02 DXMP_Snow04 DXMP_Snow03