Welcome to the third edition of my Deus Ex newsletter – August 2013. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform people of all the new happenings going on in the (original) Deus Ex community – these include new mods, maps, mini-mods, servers, clan wars, community events etc. If you would like to have your work featured, or if you have anything to add, please get in contact with me. You can comment here, catch me on steam (chinesedemocracy677) or email me at chindem@live.com.

Without further ado, here is what has been happening in the Deus Ex world in the last thirty or so days…


Deus Ex: Revision News and v1.3.1 Demo release


The Deus Ex: Revision team (found at http://www.dx-revision.com/) have released a general project update this month along with an updated playable demo – the first in years!. Deus Ex: Revision is a Deus Ex single player mod that aims to improve the overall visual quality of the original game’s various environments. First things first – Deus Ex: Revision is on schedule for a late (quarter four) 2013 full release, the team are reluctant to be any more specific then that, but are fairly confident in the 2013 deadline.

Secondly the v1.3.1 demo has been released to the public found here this is the first demo release in years. The v1.3.1 demo is an updated version of the old v1.3 demo, it includes many bug fixes and updates to a few of the environments. If you’ve played the old v1.3 demo the updated changes in environments here (compared to v1.3) are Liberty Island, Battery Park and Smuggler’s Hideout.

However, if you haven’t played the old v1.3 demo, you will experience updated and improved environments from the very beginning of the game all the way up to the last level before JC Denton travels to Paris. This makes the v1.3.1 demo very substantial and well worth checking for those who cannot wait for the full release (hopefully) before the end of 2013.

The development team have since been re-branded and now go by the name of Caustic Creative, the team’s logo can be seen below, pretty cool.

Caustic Creative Logo

Currenty the main mapper of Deus Ex: Revision “Trasher” is busy remodeling and mapping the Ocean Lab area. A screenshot seen below draws parallels to System Shock 2, the areas are vastly improved when compared to their original counterparts. Plans for Caustic Creative include adding additional paths through the Ocean Lab environment as well as improve the visual and atmospheric aspects (as is true throughout all the environments in Deus Ex: Revision mod).

Ocean Lab UC

OST Cover Art News

Musically, the Deus Ex: Revision music team EdenShard are busy improving their soundtrack, for instance,  the tracks found in last month’s newsletter have since been reworked and may be available to download in the near future. The Caustic Creative team promise three versions of the UNATCO ambient music track each which is more darker then the last as the game’s plot reveals more and more of its complex nature, other such subtle changes are promised too. Caustic Creative recognise that everyone has different tastes and so it will be entirely the player’s choice as to whether he or she chooses to play Deus Ex: Revision using the custom made soundtrack or the original soundtrack score.

Finally, there have also been five screenshots released that showcase the much improved Deus Ex: Revision’s versions of the Gas Station map, Smuggler’s Hideout, Battery Park and Versalife.

Gas StationGas Station

Demo 1.3.1: SmugglerDemo 1.3.1: Battery Park

Demo 1.3.1: Versalife

Versalife as seen in Deus Ex: Revision


Surprise Shifter v1.9 update 

Shifter Logo

Shifter mod for Deus Ex has had a surprise v.1.9 update which takes advantage of the fairly recent High Definition Texture Package (HDTP) mod beta release. Shifter has been “Removing the suck from Deus Ex since 2002”, Shifter mod includes new weapons and also alternative fire (altfire) modes to many weapons including an extra-deadly projectile mode to the Plasma Rifle. Augmentations in Shifter allow you to change your mind about which augmentations to equip by introducing over-writable augmentations. The skill system and items found in Deus Ex also receive the Shifter treatment and improvements, including the ability to turn off charged items such as the Hazmat suit and Ballistic Armor.

The latest v1.9 RC0 Shifter mod can be downloaded here

Explosive 10mm Ammo (1)

Railgun (Scope View)

Restored Textures: Candy bars


Hatchet Mod Updates

The (one man team made) Hatchet mod has had several videos and screenshots released of various weapons that are currently being tested for the mod. Screenshots show more of the crafting system found in Hatchet, and the videos show testing sessions of some of the weapons.

G17C and SMG Crafting Previews12 Gauge Crafting PreviewGeneral Rifle Crafting Preview

Corpse Loot System Preview

Here’s the corpse loot system, upon frobbing a dead body a menu will pop up where you choose which items you would like to take. Gone is the old system of automatically picking up everything would is sometimes annoying when you keep picking up items such as batons and crowbars that you might not necessarily want!



Deus Ex: Return of Denton Updates

Deus Ex: Return of Denton has recently had some updates, the single player Deus Ex mod acts as a small sequel Deus Ex. Brothers JC and Paul Denton return and the mod is set from just after the “Illuminati ending”. Expect the Gray Death to still be causing havoc especially to the poorer individuals who cannot afford the wickedly high price of Ambrosia. Nations are close to war over the limited Gray Death cure and greed is at an all time high.

Deus Ex: Return of Denton can be viewed as an addon to Deus Ex and sounds like an amazing mod, Below are work in progress shots of the “RiotDrone” and also a early screenshot of the lobby bar in the Hilton Hotel, New York City.




Deus Ex: Infinity – New Deus Ex single player mod

Deus Ex: Infinity sees you take the role of Jack Turner, a UNATCO Agent who has been assigned to investigate the murder of Jon Zika. There is more to it than initially meets the eye however, throughout the mod you will face some tough decisions that will impact the outcome of the game (even those decisions made early into the game, which is cool!).

This mod is very much in its infancy, so far it sounds great. MetropolisMedia, the group that is developing this mod have a list of locations that they wish to have in the game, which include Tokyo streets and apartments, Hong Kong and Port Adelaide amongst others (even UNATCO HQ which is already 75% complete).

Below are early screenshots of the Hong Kong area and also the UNATCO HQ.



Deranged mod looking for coders

The Author of the Deranged mod is currently looking for coders to carry out various tasks, lots of progress has been made with mod however the mod still doesn’t have a coder. They are looking for someone who has advanced knowledge of coding and missionscript.

Deranged mod has been in development for many years and has grown to a significant size, it features a story rich in detail that is filled with plot changes and many of the mods environments have been finished for years.  The Deranged demo came out way back in 2010 and can be downloaded here


Blindrun Gaming


Blindrun Gaming is a live-streaming online gaming community that produce live streams of game playthroughs, let’s plays and game reviews. They also host servers for some of the older games and recently they have decided to host a Deus Ex multiplayer server simply called blindrungaming.com.  They have uploaded a couple of live streams playing Deus Ex multiplayer, you can check out these guys at blindrungaming.com, Deus Ex videos below.




MiniMTL 228 Released

Deja Vu has recently released MiniMTL228 for Deus Ex multiplayer, miniMTL 228 has bug fixes when compared to miniMTL 227. The main focus with the next miniMTL 230 is fixing player side game speed ups that have become more and more prevalent recently with players using more powerful machinery. This speed up issue has now apparentely been fixed, Deja Vu managed to fix the issue with an idea from a fellow DX’er Poor. The fix works by the player calling the server every second, If this call is too fast the server orders the player to reduce the “TimeDilation” property in Level actor, which affects speed of gameplay on the player. Expect miniMTL 230 release soon, for now you can download 228 below.

Download MiniMTL228 here


Flyable Helicopters by Atrey

Atrey has coded some really cool flyable helicopters that can be used in Deus Ex multiplayer, these are the best pilot-able vehicles I’ve seen in all my years of playing Deus Ex multiplayer so major kudos to you Atrey! Atrey is currently hosting a test server so you can check these out, look for the  [ ( Helicopter Fighting Server ) ]. These helicopters can elevate, descend, bank from side to side, you can also fire primary and secondary projectiles.

  Shot0050 Shot0053 Shot0055 Shot0058Shot0004


Deus Ex Server Lister (DXSL) by Deja Vu v3.3 Released

Deus Ex Server Lister (DXSL) v3.3 has recently been released by Deja Vu, in it’s simplest terms the DXSL lists all the currently hosted servers in Deus Ex multiplayer along with information about who is playing in the servers along with some server information, however DXSL is alot more then that.

New Features since last edition;

  • Optional auto-refresh on application start up.
  • Optional start up with Windows start up.
  • Option to start minimised.
  • Option to join any server with additional custom parameters (i.e join a server when it has a given number of players).
  • Sort server list by ip, name, map, gametype, number of players and ping.
  • Ability to copy (to clipboard) server’s IP, IP+port, and server information.
  • View server on Gametracker.
  • Resized controls are now saved.
  • Chat function, so users can chat before heading into a server. (very cool)
  • Auto upgrade option

Download DXSL v3.3 here



DXMP_XGas map by Jager

Jager has edited the Gas Station map from Deus Ex singleplayer for use in Deus Ex multiplayer, screenshots and download link below.


Download DXMP_XGas here


DXMP_Amon_beta1 map by myself released

My latest map that I have been working on, is based on the Unreal Tournament ’99 map of the same name, the map is now mostly complete. I still need to work on the ceiling areas and I need to add vent covers and tweak the lighting a bit (probably will darken the overall map).

Shot0006 Shot0005 Shot0004 Shot0003 Shot0002 Shot0001 Shot0000

Download DXMP_Amon_beta1 here


Sharpshooter mod ongoing updates


Atrey’s Sharpshooter mod is still being updated, check back here often for the latest version (first post): http://gravity-world.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4118. Sharpshooter is a mod that switches the players weapon set every forty five seconds.


Ballymohan map by Whiplash

Lastest screenshots of Whiplash’s work in progress map Ballymohan.

Evolution FictitiousWarehouseInterior GeneralSuppliesw LookingTowardsEdgeworthstown MCC1 MCC2 MCC3 MCC4 Weapons


DXMP_MJ12_TheDayAfter_R map by Jager

Jager’s edited version of the MJ12 map from Deus Ex singleplayer, screenshots and download link below.

Shot0000 Shot0001 Shot0002

Download DXMP_MJ12_TheDayAfter_R here

Well that concludes my third newsletter, thanks for reading! There’s still lots of cool stuff going on with Deus Ex which is great to see, including new single player mods and online maps and bug fixes. I’ll hopefully see you all next month for the September edition of the newsletter!