DXMP_Pool is a Deus Ex multiplayer map made by myself that is based on the Pool Night map from Counterstrike. Its setting is a semi-open swimming bath, it has two pools – one large and one small. The map features lockers, mirrors, showers, poolside lounges and toilets to help bolster its theme.

The map’s textures set it apart from other maps with a striking contrast of tiled surfaces, this was achieved using several additive or subtractive brushes stacked upon one another. DXMP_Pool is a small fight map which sees fast and frantic action, despite its small size it is possible to use both close quarters and mid to large distance weapons effectively, a mix of all of these is perhaps needed to really succeed here.

The map is focused for non augmentation play although augmentation gametypes are catered for allbeit bascially with just biobots and biocells. DXMP_Pool has five spawn areas and eighteen playerstarts, although it is recommended for between four – twelve players.

Download DXMP_Pool here




Build shots below.

DXMP_Pool04 DXMP_Pool05 DXMP_Pool03DXMP_Pool01 DXMP_Pool02