DXMP_Dressing_Room is a multiplayer fight map made by myself which is based on the Urban Terror map Dressing Room. There are a couple of big differences between the two versions, most noticeably the version I made takes place at night unlike the original. I’ve made it nighttime as I do not believe in making daytime maps for Deus Ex multiplayer unless I get a request to make them (for a multiplayer mod for instance).

The second difference is the inclusion of ladders, I’ve had to add these to give players access to the higher ledges at the sides of the map. In Urban Terror players can hoist themselves up ledges however as this is not possible in Deus Ex the ladders had to be added.

The map includes biobots and bio electrical cells and so can be played in augmentation gametypes, however due to its small size it is recommended for use with the zero augmentation gametype. The map has two “bases” at either end where the teams spawn, the map is split with a small “sewer” running through the width of the map and it features a central bridge. The map has twenty player starts but is recommended for around 4-12 players.

Download DXMP_Dressing_Room here

DXMP_Dressing_Room02 Shot0003DXMP_Dressing_Room03 Shot0000 Shot0001 Shot0002

Early Build Shots below;

Shot0001 Shot0000 Shot0002