Arena (Reloaded)

Release Date:  Oct 12, 2002
Developed By: HardCoreDX Developers
Contact Details:
Official Site: … deusexmods

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The Arena (Reloaded) mod was made by Hardcore DX Developers, and released in October of 2002. The mod is for use with multiplayer and adds bots to an online server, these bots act similar to human players and they also can use several augmentations, the mod also includes some singleplayer content. Arena (Reloaded) features several new weapons, newly modified augmentations, adds equipment shops and makes similar small but useful changes and comes with 5 multiplayer maps and 12 mutators. After the first release the mod was abandoned and the best features migrated to another Hardcore DX Developer production called Hardcore DX. So basically Arena is just a kind of alpha preview of the first versions of the Hardcore DX mod, but it’s quite stable, playable and funny and includes several features that were not included to Hardcore DX. This version is identical with the version released in 2002, but features an easier way of installation and a slightly updated documentation.

Download Arena (Reloaded) Mod here