Here are my edited versions of all five standard Deus Ex multiplayer maps, these maps have been edited for use in the Deathmatch gametype as Deus Ex multiplayer did not come with any maps designed specially for Deathmatch.

These maps have some simple changes which include extra spawn points/weapon board locations (such as the new spawn point behind the Area 51 Bunker and the new spawn at the top of the “tower” in DXMP_CMD,  shown in pictures below). Also I’ve changed some weapon boards that were small and only containing a few weapons to full weapon boards with the familiar selection of weapons.

Also edited (and this was a major issue before in my opinion) is the location of the playerstarts (spawns), before it was common to spawn at the same weapon board as you opponent making the game chaos, however these edited maps with increased spawn points have only one or two playerstarts at each spawnpoint making spawning next to your enemy a rare occurance.

Overall these edits make for a much improved Deathmatch experience.



Download DXMP_Area51Bunker_DM here



Download DXMP_Cathedral_DM here



Download DXMP_CMD_DM here



Download DXMP_Silo_DM here


DXMP_Smuggler_DM03 DXMP_Smuggler_DM01 DXMP_Smuggler_DM02

Download DXMP_Smuggler_DM here