Hotel Carone

Release Date: Released Jan 10, 2007
Developed By: Carsten ‘carone’ Krämer
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Hotel Carone is a short single player Deus Ex mod that has you thrust back into UNATCO ranks. The mod is only a single mission, however in spite of this it features four playable maps and boasts a lot of depth and should provide around two solid hours of gameplay. The single mission has you using your brain more often then not to figure out the best approach to tackle the objectives  (such was the way in Deus Ex) and simply going in guns blazing will usually not be the best approach.

The level design allows for non linear play – the player can choose many different paths which provide different conclusions for instance, also the order of completing these objectives is not important (some objectives can even be failed, and you can still complete the scenario). Hotel Carone rewards the stealthy approach although it’s not strictly necessary, however playing through aggressively will still require some level of thought process.

Download Hotel Carone v1.14 here