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Here’s an extremely early look at my latest map conversion – DXMP_Amon, a map based on an Unreal Tournament ’99 (UT ’99) map of the same name. The UT ’99 version is designed for a 1vs 1 game, however as Deus Ex multiplayer is slower paced then UT ’99, this map should work well for games with 10 players or so.

As Deus Ex uses the same engine as UT ’99 I really need to make my own interpretation of this map as I don’t want a clone of the UT ’99 map. Otherwise I might as well hit copy and paste, which I would never do, I wouldn’t even copy a single brush across.

I haven’t yet decided where the spawns will be, I usually aim for four spawns if I can and although this map is fairly small I still want to hit my target of four. The map has two floors of sorts, the upper floor is accessed via a single walkway or via two lifts or elevators. The map has lots of elevation changes and has a nice looped feel about it and so it should provide a decent fight experience.

Early shots below. The red coloured brushes are placeholder brushes and will change, they are there so I can quickly get a feel for the flow of the map’s layout.