DXMP_Mini_Dust is a Deus Ex multiplayer fight map based on the Counterstrike Mini_Dust map. This version made by myself takes place at nighttime, the map has a small central indoor section which has four exit points to the surrounding outdoor areas.

The map boasts four spawn points, two of these are outside, one is completely inside and the fourth is somewhere in between. The maps contrast between indoor and outside is stark due to the massive shift in lighting, the map has a looped feel about it which keeps the action close by and with enough players this map becomes very frantically paced indeed.

DXMP_Mini_Dust is littered with crates, which provide alot of cover. The best cover is provided by the indoor section and so becomes a good go to point especially if you need healing via a medkit. Overall it’s a small map designed for fighting and one that is not to be taken seriously, it does it’s job as a small close quarters map well.

Download DXMP_Mini_Dust here

DXMP_Mini_Dust01-1 Shot0003 DXMP_Mini_Dust03 DXMP_Mini_Dust02-1 Shot0000Shot0001

Early build shots below.