Release Date: October 8th, 2004.
Developed By: Steve Tack
Contact Details: stack@planetdeusex.com
Official Site: http://www.planetdeusex.com/zodiac/

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ZODIAC is a set of six single player missions for Deus Ex. As Paul Denton, the augmented brother of JC Denton, you will:

  • Discover why the President is risking a nuclear confrontation.
  • Break into CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to uncover some of the world’s best kept secrets.
  • Solve the mystery of dozens of missing UNATCO troops.
  • Use all-new weapons and meet new characters.
  • Travel to new locations including: CIA Headquarters Buenos Aires Page Biotech Holloman Air Force Base And more!
  • Full custom soundtrack by Steve Foxon (“Orak”)


To install ZODIAC, double-click on ZodiacSetup_Full.exe or ZodiacPart3Setup_Upgrade.exe and follow the prompts. An Uninstall option will appear under “Zodiac” in you Start Menu programs.

Once installed, to launch ZODIAC, double-click on the ZODIAC icon. Do not attempt to run it any other way – it will not work properly.

NOTE: ZodiacPart3Setup_Upgrade.exe assumes that you have Part 2 installed and working first.

Download Zodiac mod here