This post will contain capture the flag versions of all my maps new and old alike. For use with miniMTL 222 and newer. Download links can be found underneath the map’s pictures, click on the pictures to enlarge.



DXMP_CTF_Bound is loosely based on a Counterstrike map except I have added many small details to give the map more character and believability when compared to the Counterstrike version. It has six spawn/weapon board places and eighteen player starts.


Download DXMP_CTF_Bound



A smallish map set in an inclosed cavern or cave, light can be seen pouring in from the sky above and pools of water collect on the surface. The map includes four spawn points.


Download DXMP_CTF_Cavern



A map based on the original classic Counterstrike map. I’ve added many Deus Ex elements to this map as so it becomes a much more interactive and tactical experience when compared to the original counterstrike map. There’s turrets, vents, breakable glass and working vending machines.


Download DXMP_CTF_CS_Office



This is based on a small Urban Terror map of the same name, although there are differences such as the ladders which I added as we cannot climb ledges in Deus Ex online multiplayer. Also I wanted the map to have that Deus Ex touch so it is set at night unlike the original map.


Download DXMP_CTF_Dressing_Room



This map has parts ripped from the opening mission of the single player game map Unatco Island. It is a simplistic symmetrical map which features a base at either end with spawns inside, also two additional spawns can be found in mini buildings just outside each team’s main spawn base.


Download DXMP_CTF_Encounter



This map is based on the Counterstrike Mini_Dust map except this map takes place at night. It has four spawn areas and sixteen playerstarts. This is a very small and fast paced map.


Download DXMP_CTF_Mini_Dust



A map based on the Pool Nights map from Counterstrike. This a small map set in a leisure centre, It features two pools and changing room and toilet areas. It has five spawn areas and eighteen playerstarts.


Download DXMP_CTF_Pool



This map is based on the Snow 4 map from Counterstrike. It is a small to medium sized map which has five spawn points. The map has elevated areas in all four corners and also has a small underground section.


Download DXMP_CTF_Snow_4



A map based on the Half Life multiplayer map of the same name. The map has opportunities for both close quarters and far combat, it features breakable vent covers, a lift, four spawn points and twenty playerstarts.


Download DXMP_CTF_Stalkyard